18 Easy Sublimation Project Ideas for Beginners

sublimation project ideas for beginners

Sublimation has changed the landscape of crafting. It has given birth to many uniquely-crafted objects that look attractive and are also highly profit-yielding. Sublimation crafting is the only printing method that offers endless possibilities for what you can create and delivers exceptional quality results- no matter which material you use. Sublimation printing allows you to print intricate, vibrant designs that do not fade, crack or smear. It is easy to learn, and you can start sublimation printing with minimal investment.

With so many people choosing sublimation for custom design printing, you might want to do something different and unique to make your business stand apart. If, you have recently started sublimation printing and need ideas for some quirky crafting projects, then read sublimation project ideas for beginners. These ideas involve using cheap sublimation blanks available in craft stores and online. So let us get started!

What is Sublimation Printing?

Some of you may be aware of sublimation and are already printing multiple professional-looking designs on different sublimation blanks. But for those new to the concept, here is a brief breakdown: 

  • First, create a design with editing software like Canva, Photoshop, etc.
  • Then you need to print on specialized sublimation paper with a sublimation printer
  • Finally, affix that design onto a sublimation blank like a t-shirt or a mug with a heat press

The process is simple and quick and produces durable, permanent images.

What can I use as a Sublimation Blank?

You can make crafting projects with a wide range of materials through sublimation. You can use anything with poly-coating, like t-shirts, caps, socks, and more.

Sublimation Project Ideas

Here are a few creative and fun sublimation project ideas. These objects look cute, and your customers would certainly love them.

Sublimation on Mugs

sublimation project ideas for beginners

There are so many designs and patterns you can print onto ceramic mugs. You can also print text through sublimation, so write quotes or your pet’s name in an attractive manner. Writing a cute message for your partner and imprinting it on a coffee mug can be a cute, heartfelt present for them.


sublimation project ideas for beginners

Puzzles are the most exciting and fun sublimation craft project. The designs you can create are unlimited, and with practice, you can get better at them to sell them for a good profit. Blank puzzles are available in craft stores and online- you can get one at an affordable price; make sure you get puzzles prepared for sublimation for quality results.


sublimation project ideas for beginners

Socks do not have to be plain and boring. Make them look eye-catching by adding your favorite cartoon character or superhero. You can also print a cute photo of a dog or a cat if you are an animal lover. 


sublimation project ideas for beginners

Now t-shirts are the most common and popular sublimation blanks, but you can customize them in plenty of ways. Here are a few photos of customized t-shirts to help you brainstorm. You can learn also how to sublimate a t-shirt.

Sequin Pillows

sublimation project ideas for beginners 6

It may sound tricky, but it is super easy to sublimate on reversible sequin pillow covers. However, be careful about a few things. Make sure to flip your design before printing it on sublimation paper. Sublimate on the white side of reversible sequins. Swipe all the sequins carefully before the transfer process. The temperature for this process should be higher- keep your heat press at 400 degrees. Do not forget to cover the sequins with a Teflon sheet before heat-pressing them.

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sublimation project ideas for beginners

Coasters are among one of the most favorable items for sublimation crafts. You can use them in different shapes like squares, circles, hearts, etc., and customize them with numerous images and designs. Also, they are heat press-friendly, so you would not need additional equipment to sublimate them.


sublimation project ideas for beginners

Keychains not only look good with sublimated designs on them, but they are also functional accessories. They are one of the most simple items to sublimate on, as they are small and easy to handle. You can make a matching pair for a couple or a set for a group of friends or siblings. Personalized gifts like these have an emotional attachment to them- several people would want to use your services to obtain them.

Luggage Tags

sublimation project ideas

You can print your name or other attractive designs on your luggage tags. You can make a statement with personalized luggage tags, and a unique tag will make it easier for you to recognize your stuff. Their small size and flat surface makes them a perfect object for sublimation. Similar to luggage tags, you can print id tags for your pets. The text and images will be durable and will not fade over time. A custom name tag can also be an excellent gift for a loved one.

Face Masks

sublimaion project ideas facemask

Who doesn’t like unique products that speak for themselves? A face mask with a custom design is one such product. Customizing face masks for occasions like a themed birthday, Christmas, or Halloween party is a joyful experience. It would make your customers feel that you are someone who can think out of the box, and they will trust you with their customization projects. You can also do this for yourself and your friends and family. It will be a fun project in which you can include your kids so they can learn something while having fun.

Denim Jeans

sublimation project ideas denim jeans

Denim jeans are equally famous for men and women of different age groups. They are comfortable, and you can wear them to work the beach or a party. Teenagers and kids will love having small images or patterns they can relate to on their jeans. 


sublimation project ideas jackets

Jackets are one of our personal favorite sublimation blanks. You can print many designs, sayings, and images on jackets of different materials like denim, cotton, velvet, etc. Small photos or text on particular areas, like sleeves, back, and pockets, look elegant and trendy. Sublimation printing can also be helpful in printing logos for different teams on sports jackets.


sublimation project ideas caps

Sublimation on caps looks classy and chic. Caps with aesthetic designs on them help make a style statement. You can print numerous designs; there is no limit. Let your creativity run wild and create something different that appeals to the masses. It is one of those sublimation products that is equally popular among consumers of all ages and genders.

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sublimation project ideas hoodies

You can print anything on a hoodie, a small logo, or a full-fledged custom design. The designs are permanent and last as long as the hoodie itself. Sublimation printed hoodies are in-demand as their look and feel is smooth and vibrant.

Phone Covers

sublimation project ideas phone covers

A smartphone cover is a fashionable product that is also practical. It protects your phone from damage and scratches while making it look stylish. Customizing phone cases is easy, and you will find a number of customers willing to buy them if you do it right! Let us look at a few custom phone cover designs so you can make your own.


sublimation project ideas canvas

You can print your and your family’s photos on canvas and hang them on your walls. Sublimation printing gives excellent color reproduction, so the images look vibrant, and the colors do not smudge. Photographic canvases are a heartfelt, well-thought-out gift for someone close to you. Also, you can sell them professionally when you get the hang of canvas sublimation printing.

Fleece Blankets

sublimation project ideas fleece blankets

A fleece blanket is a perfect blank for sublimation. The synthetic fabric is suitable for sublimation printing; it will make the colors pop out, and the design will be long-lasting. Fleece blankets are ideal for kids and babies. Personalize them with custom designs; the children will love them.

Baby Bibs

sublimation project ideas baby bibs

You can personalize baby bibs through sublimation printing. The microfiber is perfect for sublimation printing. Having something unique customized for your child is wholesome. You can print your baby’s name or decorate the bib with eye-catching colors and shapes. Let your baby have something especial and hand-crafted that shows them how special they are to you. Also, if you are in the customization business, your customers will love this idea, and these will be your hot-selling product for new parents.


sublimation project ideas ornaments

Ornaments are available in different shapes and sizes; outsourced from various materials, like wood, polyester, metal, etc. These are suitable for sublimation crafting; printing on them is convenient, and design opportunities are plenty. Sublimation prints on ornaments have a seamless texture and look exquisite.


Sublimation printing is not only a delightful crafting experience, but it can also be a profitable business. There is a high demand for sublimation-crafted objects, and everyone can find something to create and sell. These sublimation project ideas are suitable for both beginners and experts alike. You can make them smoothly without the hassle and spending large sums of money. They look gorgeous and elegant and different from other run-on-the-mill crafting projects. We hope the article was helpful and you have fun recreating these sublimation ideas.

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