Niimbot D11 vs D110 Which One is Winner?

niimbot d11 vs d110

Niimbot is a prominent thermal label printer brand that offers a variety of advanced convenience features that make it one of the best label printer manufacturers. Niimbot D11 and Niimbot D110 are the two most talked-about label printers with all the qualities and attributes of quality printers for which the brand is well-known. They are similar for the most part but have a few differences. Stuck on which printer to buy? The article will compare the two and outline their features in detail. Read on Niimbot D11 vs D110 to have a clear picture and make an informed purchase decision.

Niimbot D11 VS D110

Niimbot D110 is Lighter in weight (137 g) as compared with Niimbot D11 (208 g) and also has better printing speed and quality.

Features/Benefits Niimbot D11 Niimbot D110
Automatic Two-sided Printing No No
Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth
Print Speed 30-60mm/s 15-20mm/s
Maximum Print Size 15mm 15mm
Weight 208g 137g
Print Resolution 203 dpi 203 dpi
Print Technology Thermal Printing Thermal Printing
Battery 1200 mAh 1500 mAh
Price View Price View Price

Niimbot D11

Let’s first talk about the features and functions of Niimbot D11 and learn how to use it and create labels through the app.


The Niimbot D11 has a compact, lightweight, and stylish design. It is available in four different colors. The manufacturers have used high-quality ABS plastic material in their construction. That makes it durable and long-lasting. The small size and light weight make it easy to carry; it is an excellent choice for on-the-go printing. We liked the LED light on the corner and it indicates when the battery is running low. It has a portable hand strip that makes carrying the device easier.

niimbot d11 vs d110


The Niimbot D11 supports multiple colorful thermal label papers allowing you to create unique, catchy labels and stickers. The results are waterproof, oilproof, tear-proof, and scratch-proof. It is a portable, efficient label printer with wireless connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 for Android and iOS devices. The printer is perfect for bulk label printing with its high-capacity continuous printing function.

A low-noise operation and long battery life make it suitable for printing in different environments like libraries, classrooms, etc. Also, you can print continuously for up to four hours; it is an excellent travel partner for your printing needs. You can use the battery for two months on a single charge, which is cost-efficient and environment-friendly. It utilizes harmless, non-toxic thermal label paper safe for home usage and food and nutrition labels.


It works through an easy-to-use app that has several editing features. The app supports multiple languages and prints numerous horizontal and vertical labels, bar codes, and forms. Since you do not need ink, it is a cost-effective device, perfect for home and commercial uses.

The feature-rich app for Niimbot D11 provides access to a massive resource library for label content. Label creation becomes more convenient and quick with pre-designed templates, graphics, symbols, and fonts. With customization features like scan code recognition and voice input, editing and personalizing the label content for your distinctive needs becomes smooth and trouble-free.

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You can create labels and tags for a number of businesses like baby stores, bag shops, jewelry stores, convenience stores, retail stores, snack shops, etc. Niimbot D11 is a simple and practical label maker that helps users achieve an orderly routine at home by labeling their stuff. You can mark your belongings, assort books or documents, label storage boxes and kitchen jars, identify cables, tools, electronics, and more.

It keeps your stuff organized and neat and helps you find the object you are looking for instantly. You can also keep your workplaces organized by labeling files and folders and printing reminders for meetings, presentations, and other upcoming events.

How to use Niimbot D11?

The unit has a power button, a charging spot, and a spring loading at the top where you put your thermal paper. Load the thermal label printer and press the power button for a few seconds to activate the printer. Now, download the Niimbot app on your phone and pair it with the printer via Bluetooth. The app will automatically recognize the thermal paper type you are using. You can create a new label or utilize the content library.

Adjust the font size or add graphics, images, or symbols to your label. When you are happy with how it looks, hit Print. The printer will generate the printout within a few seconds. You can see the quality and precision of the labels in the images below.

Highlighted Features

  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish and compact
  • Reliable and efficient
  • High-capacity battery
  • Cable-free printing
  • HD prints

Niimbot D110

The next in our pocket is Niimbot D110. Let us take a deeper look at Niimbot D110 to analyze how they differ.


Niimbot D110 is small, compact, and portable. It is much lighter than the usual label printers on the market. You can carry it while traveling or move it from one place to another without hassle, as it fits perfectly in pockets or bag packs. It has a robust build, and the body has an environment-friendly ABS material. It has a smooth and shiny texture and a soft shell. The design appeals to the eyes and looks perfect for a modern workspace or home office. Moreover, it is heat-resistant and flame-retardant, making it suitable to adapt to different environments.

niimbot d11 vs d110 review


The Niimbot D110 is a multi-functional label printer with various applications. You can print stickers, price tags, pictures, QR codes, name tags, product labels, etc. Printing label content is convenient and quick through the app. Connect your devices to the printer via Bluetooth, download the app, and create and print your stickers and labels.

It is as simple and quick as that. Several label templates and fonts are available, so you can edit and customize your labels however you like. The Niimbot app supports multiple languages, thirty fonts, sixty frames, and over six hundred symbols.

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Niimbot D110 has a print resolution of 203dpi, perfect for a label printer. It has a noise-free operation and supports paper widths up to 15mm, making it easier to create labels for multiple applications and industries. A 1500mAH lithium rechargeable battery allows you to work continuously for four to five hours on a full charge.

Inkless printing considerably minimizes operational costs and is also good for the environment. Since you can print repeated labels in a single operation, it is perfect for bulk volume label printing for inventory items. It is compatible with colorful thermal paper and tapes allowing users to create vibrant stickers and labels.


The Niimbot D110 can serve label printing needs for numerous businesses and home uses. You can use it for organizing stuff at home, labeling kids’ lunchboxes and toy boxes, arts and crafts projects, journaling, time stamps, kitchen jars, drawer labels, etc. It is also suitable for many businesses like cafes, bakeries, clothing stores, schools, libraries, fruit shops, jewelry stores, supermarkets, etc. The Niimbot D110 uses high-quality thermal paper, which is waterproof, wear-resistant, and oilproof and safe for labeling kids’ accessories as it is free of bisphenol.

How to use Niimbot D110?

The operation of Niimbot D11 and Niimbot D110 are similar. Insert the thermal label paper of your choice on the top and long press for three seconds to turn on the printer. Download the free Niimbot app from the App store and connect your phone to the printer via Bluetooth. Like D11, D110 also has the Smart label paper identification feature that recognizes the paper type automatically.

The app will guide you through the label creation process; you can make your own unique labels or use the pre-designed templates and tweak them to your liking. Print the label when you are happy with the way it looks. Here is what the labels printed using Niimbot D110 look like: The results are professional-quality, and the text is crisp and legible.

niimbot d11 vs niimbot d110

Highlighted Features

  • Portable
  • App-integrated printing
  • Long battery life
  • Batch printing
  • Automatic label recognition
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Excellent print quality

Final Words

The Niimbot D11 and Niimbot D110 are convenient, efficient, and reliable tools for printing labels and stickers. The wireless connectivity, app-driven operation, continuous printing feature, portability, and good battery health make them excellent thermal printers for on-the-go printing. In addition, the Niimbot has a wide range of editing features and pre-designed templates to enhance your label creation and printing process.

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