10 Best Printers For Stickers ~Tested and Guide 2023

best printers for stickers

Looking for the best printers for stickers in 2023? Get the answer on this page.

A sticker is the most artistic and eye-catching way to exhibit your creativity and ideas. The possibilities with stickers are endless. You can use them for making cards, wrapping gifts, or bulleting journals. They are perfect for omnificent individuals and are well-suited for any occasion or theme.

Apart from being a great way of expressing thoughts for crafty individuals, stickers are also convenient for signing, labeling, and advertising. Stickers can help businesses promote their brand and influence the market without burning their pockets.

While outsourcing label and sticker printing is an option, designing and producing them on your own is quicker and less expensive. Thanks to tons of sticker printers available in the market, printing custom stickers are now easier than ever. All you need to do is choose the best sticker printer that meets your needs, and you can create and design your personalized stickers simply and on a budget. However, before investing in the best printer for stickers, buyers must conduct extensive research and test different printers to ensure that they select the printer that suits their specific requirements.

The research and testing process can be costly and time-intensive. Therefore, to save you the hassle, we have tested & reviewed and compiled a list of the ten best printers for stickers printing on the market today. All the products reviewed in this article offer high print quality, functionality, and ease of use. This thorough buying guide will help you select an appropriate printer for your printing needs.

List of 10 Best Sticker Printers:

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Our Top Three Picks

best printers for stickers
HP OfficeJet 3830
  • Easy to use.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Displays ink levels on printer.
  • Noiseless printing and excellent paper handling.
Canon IP8720 Wireless Printer
Canon IP8720 Wireless Printer
  • Suitable for all type of stickers but particularly for vinyl stickers.
  • Can print stickers of all sizes.
  • Can print borderless images.
  • Wireless printer. Airprint and cloud compatible.
Brother VC-500W Label & Photo Printer
Brother VC-500W Label & Photo Printer
  • Wireless Networking.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Versatile Printing.
  • Can create & print labels, stickers,photos,and can handle organizational tasks, home decor & business projects.

HP OFFICEJET 3830-Best Inkjet Printer For Stickers


Officejet 3830 is one of the best printers for printing stickers. Its most prominent benefit is that it could perform multiple printing applications. It is an all-in-one printer that scans, copies, and prints documents and prints good-quality stickers.

It can produce up to twenty pages per minute and is among the fastest printer models available in the market currently. The device is user-friendly. You can easily connect it to smart devices. The printer supports various types of print media. It can manage paper, vinyl paper, labels, high-resolution paper, glossy photo paper, envelopes, etc. It can print on any paper size ranging from correspondence to 8×10 inch prints. It is also Adept at borderless printing, making it perfect for printing photo posters.

It has a high print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi, sufficient to print decent-quality stickers. HP Officejet 3830 has a quiet mode that keeps the print noise minimum and enables the user to perform other tasks while printing in bulk.

Wireless connectivity is the most attractive feature of this printer. The HP Smart App allows users to print through their smart devices even if the printer is in another room.

This printer is the perfect choice for users searching for an affordable printer with high print speed and print accuracy. The touchscreen display enables easier set-up and use of the device.

  • Versatile Printing.
  • Noiseless Printing.
  • Displays ink levels on the Printer.
  • High Print Speed.
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Excellent paper handling.
  • For color precision, you need more cartridges.This printer has one black and one color cartridge that may compromise the quality of your stickers. However, it is suitable for those printing stickers at home as a hobby. Surely a best printer for printing stickers at home.
  • Does not support duplex printing.
  • Lacks an Ethernet Port.

CANON IP8720 Wireless Printer

Canon IP8720 printer is suitable for printing all types of stickers but is particularly good for producing exceptional quality vinyl stickers. It comes with six ink colors and distinctive tanks. Hence, it offers excellent color accuracy and prints bright, vibrant, and pin-sharp images and stickers. High-quality canon inks preserve the color and text on the stickers and make them last for a very long period.

The most noteworthy features of these printers are their high print resolution and speed. A Canon IP8720 has a resolution of 9600 x 2400 dpi, generates an output of 15 pages per minute, and prints a 4 x 6 borderless print in less than a minute. The printer can handle multiple media sizes, from small 4 x 6 documents to large 13-19 inch charts.

best sticker printers
  • Perfect for printing all type of stickers
  • It can print borderless images of up to 13 by 19 inches
  • It prints durable and resistant stickers and images
  • High printing speed
  • Can print stickers in all sizes
  • High print resolution. Can produce deeply saturated and precise colors
  • Lack of an LCD touchscreen
  • Slightly costlier than other printers

Pixma I8720 provides a wide range of downloadable templates. It is a value-added benefit for the users.

CANON PIXMA MG3620-Best Sticker Printer for Beginners

inkjet printer for stickers

Canon Pixma MG3620 is an affordable printer with high print speed and delivers high-quality prints.  It has a print resolution of 4800 x 1200 and prints clean and sharp images, documents, and stickers.  It scans documents with a resolution of up to 1200 x 2400 dpi.

Like all other best printer for stickers, this one offers wireless connectivity. But, it does not include wires for direct connection. You can easily connect it to your iPhones, Mac, and Android devices. Canon printers work best with authentic Canon ink. Using third-party ink may cause the quality of the prints to depreciate. This printer has a two-ink cartridge system which may cause the colors of the printout to differ from what the user has anticipated.

The Canon Pixma 3620 has a print speed of 9.9 images per minute.

  • Compact size. It occupies little space
  • Copies, prints, and scans documents
  • Can print 5.7 color pages per minute
  • It connects to mobile devices
  • It can print in black & white and in different colors
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Duplex printing
  • It is incapable of churning out prints in a large quantity.The user must be near the printer while printing documents to prevent it from jamming up or damaging the resources
  • It does not have a photo paper tray
  • It lacks an LCD screen display

It is a versatile printer capable of handling several media types.  It does not have a touch screen display but is easy to use and set up. The Canon Pixma 3620 has a lot of printing capabilities, such as Airprint, Google Cloud Print, NFC Printing, Maparia Printing & more.

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Best Printer for Vinyl Stickers

It is a multi-function printer with a scanner and copier and is ideal for novice artists and crafters. It has an affordable price, and the quality and versatility it offers for that price are surprisingly high. It has a high print and scan resolution and can be a piece of valuable equipment for your office, studios, or homes, that too in a budget. It is one of the best printers for stickers as it has an advanced five-color ink system.

The color accuracy, vibrance, and saturation it offers at such a low price may sound mythical, but it is absolutely true. The high print resolution of 1200 x 6000 dpi makes this printer perfect for printing vinyl stickers. Brother MFC-J497DW has dye-based inks that deliver durable and fade-resistant results. It is perfectly capable of handling a high volume of paper and doesn’t jam itself up.

  • It possesses an auto document feeder and a paper tray
  • It supports duplex printing
  • Multiple connectivity options via USB or wireless
  • It is a multifunction printer that can copy and scan as well
  • Strongly built. It extends excellent value for money
  • It delivers high-resolution, good-quality stickers
  • Low print speed.
  • LCD user interface is small. 1.8 inches
  • It is not suitable for individuals or businesses printing big batches of stickers regularly

According to our analysis, this is the best choice for users looking for a budget-friendly printer for stickers or any other printing operation. It has wireless, cloud, and USB connectivity and comes with an easy-to-use LCD.

CANON PIXMA PRO-Professional Sticker Printer-

Canon Pixma Pro-100 is a professional-level printer with excellent built, print quality, and durability. While Canon IP 8720 has a six-color ink system, the Pixma Pro 100 offers eight inks for high quality and long-lasting printing. Each color is available with several dye-based inks. Your prints will be absolutely stunning and will last! It also has three specific grayscale inks that print attractive monochrome patterns.

It costs more than the IP 8720, but is also better in reliability, longevity, construction, material quality, and media handling. This printer is the best shot for anyone who wants superior quality printing and is willing to spend a decent amount. It has a high print resolution of 4800 x 2400 dpi. It produces clear, sharp, and highly detailed outcomes, be it stickers, photos, or text documents.

The Canon Pixma Pro 100 is large in size. It has a dimension of 8.6 x 27.2 x 15.2 inches and weighs about 43.2 lbs. It has multiple connectivity options, such as USB, AirPrint, Ethernet, Cloud, etc. Several users can print smoothly from different computers through built-in WiFi.

The Canon Pixma Pro-100 is a professional-level printer. You need to have enough money and space to purchase it. It supports two-way paper feeding. Users can load thick papers in large numbers conveniently.

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  • It can produce borderless prints of up to 13 x 19 inches
  • It has a high-speed USB port that allows swift data transfer
  • Wireless connectivity
  • High-speed printing. It creates an 8 x 10 photo in less than two minutes
  • Favorable for printed CDs and DVDs
  • Delivers authentic monochromatic prints and captures precise details
  • Users can connect it to mobile devices with the AirPrint application
  • No screen display
  • Doesn’t support duplex printing
  • Large size and high price

PHOMEMO M02-Portable Sticker Printer

best sticker printers

Phomemo M02 is a laser printer suitable for smaller labels, stickers, and art prints. You can also use it to copy and scan documents. Its most attractive quality is its compact design and lightweight. Users can easily carry it from one place to another. You can keep it in your car, or fit it in your pockets or backpacks, and use it anywhere you want as per your convenience.

The strength to use this printer on the go is a unique characteristic that makes it stand out from other printers. It offers wireless connectivity and works on Bluetooth 4.0 technology. You can connect it to any smartphone through its official application and print anything from stickers to text. Templates are also available so that you can choose and create attractive-looking labels.

  • High printing speed
  • Long Battery life
  • Small size and lightweight. Easy to carry along
  • Duplex printing
  • It uses heat for printing
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Easy to set up and install
  • It prints in black and white only
  • It can break if dropped

Phomemo M02 is dependent on thermal technology, so it doesn’t require inks or cartridges. You can print tons of images or stickers without having to replace cartridges. It can print stickers in several sizes, copy, scan, or fax documents with 11 x 17 in dimensions, and print pages with a maximum resolution of 4800 x 2400 dpi.


best printer for stickers

It is the best choice for printing high-quality images, labels, and stickers with color accuracy. A brother VC-500W color printer uses Zink paper with an adhesive backing that is water, tear, and smudge resistant. It assimilates all the necessary colors for high-quality and precision image printing. It uses ZINK Zero Ink Technology to provide rich, vibrant colors without requiring ink. You can print up to seventeen inches without replacing ink or toner.

The device offers wireless networking and allows users to share the network directly from any smart device with a WiFi connection.

  • Zero ink cartridge technology
  • Wireless network sharing
  • Compatible with different devices such as iPad, Android devices, etc
  • Versatile printing. Can print high-quality stickers, labels, greeting cards, etc
  • User-friendly
  • Cannot print bar codes

With a Brother VC-500W printer, you can handle numerous printing tasks. You can print anything, from photos, stickers and wrapping sheets to invitation letters. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. It smoothly prints about 2″ wide and 16″ long, full-color photos.


best printer for vinyl stickers

For printing stickers at home, Xyron creative station is the best option. It comes with two 9″ and 5″ cartridges for small and large printing functions. It is a reasonably priced device and prints gorgeous stickers. It also creates and laminates photo magnets. You can save money and space by buying a single device capable of performing multiple printing functions.

If you want to use glue for a small project, the 5-inch glue cartridge will do the trick. It comes with adhesive, scented spray mount & double-sided tape, which are all acid-free and safe and deliver seamless professional results. The machine doesn’t require batteries, heat, or electricity, so you won’t have to worry about keeping it powered.

  • It has two different cartridges for small and large projects
  • Pre-loaded with 25ft x 9in permanent adhesive cartridges
  • Safe to use acid-free, non-toxic cartridges
  • Environment friendly
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Versatile printing
  • Fragile case
  • Lamination can wrinkle

One of the main benefits of this product is that there’s no mess. With messy hands and ink-stained surfaces not being a concern, you can feel reassured when printing at home. Besides the fact that there’s still no mess when printing, you can purchase printer refills in packs of two. It is an excellent option for crafty individuals and small business owners.


best printer for vinyl stickers

The benefits of this device are far too many. It has the capacity to produce printouts in large quantities. The duplex printing feature helps users save a considerable amount on printing paper and money in the long run. The 1.44” LCD color display makes setting and navigating this device super convenient. The printer brand Epson also provides original Epson ink cartridges.

They can last for a couple of years easily. Epson Expression ET-2750 has a high print resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi. You can print beautiful, vivid, and vibrant images and stickers. That too, at a pace of ten pages per minute. A hundred sheets input capacity makes printing in bulk easier for users as they do not have to add sheets into the printer continuously.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Scans and copies a wide variation of papers
  • Allows printing from Android and Apple devices through Wifi and Ethernet
  • It can print large stickers
  • High print resolution
  • It has more than 30 ink cartridge sets
  • Ink dries up quickly if you don’t clean the device frequently
  • Photo printing and scanning is a little slow

It is one of the best stickers for printing vinyl stickers and is perfect for small business use. Are you looking for a high printing volume? Epson Expression ET-2750 printer is here to the rescue!

HP ENVY 5055-Best Sticker Printer for Crafters

best sticker printers

HP is a well-known brand for quality and excellence in computers and accessories. They design some of the best printers, and this is one of those. It captures intricate details and is ideal for printing stickers and crafts. It can print on a wide array of papers, from small stickers and letters to large 8 x 10 inches of paper.

It can print and scan a variety of documents, including border less photos. It offers a unique optional HP instant ink feature. The printer automatically orders ink when the levels are low. The company delivers the ink to your doorstep. Ink refills are reasonably priced, and for a monthly subscription, you can get them at a low cost of 0.99 dollars.

  • It is a solution for all your printing needs
  • Automatic ink replacement option
  • Wireless connectivity;
  • It supports multiple media sizes and types
  • One-year hardware warranty
  • Exceptional Print Quality
  • It has a complicated installation process
  • It lacks an auto document feeder
  • It doesn’t offer SD cards or Ethernet support;

For printing stickers, a versatile printer is indispensable. You need to print stickers of different sizes with precision and good quality.HP Envy 5055 is perfect for printing stickers and crafters. Moreover, the automatic ink replacement option ensures you are never running out of ink.

Guidelines For Choosing The Best Sticker Printers

With ample choices available in the market, all exceptional in their own distinctive ways, settling for one printer can be baffling. We have identified some essential elements that the buyer must consider before making a purchase. Hopefully, this buying guide will help you select an appropriate printer depending on how you wish to use it.

Print Resolution

Print resolution is one of the most decisive factors when buying a sticker printer. A higher resolution printer can offer clear and detailed finishing on your stickers. Therefore, we recommend higher resolution for professional consumption. A minimum of 1000 x 1000 dpi is imperative for printing decent-quality stickers. You can go as high as 4800 x 2400 dpi for premium quality stickers.

The selection of a printer relies on whether you want to print stickers for personal or professional use. A resolution of 600 x 600 dpi is sufficient to print monochrome stickers. Hence, it is advisable to keep the intended usage of the printer in mind before making a purchase.

Color Precision

Color precision is a significant element to consider before buying a printer. It is equally pivotal for printing all sorts of things, from documents to stickers or photos. Color accuracy ensures that the stickers it produces are the same or at least really close to what you had imagined. If a printer has five or six different inks, it can plausibly generate accurate images.  Color imprecision can distort the colors during printing and cause wastage of both your precious time and printing supplies and material.

Print Speed

Understandably, print speed is a critical factor, especially when you expect to print stickers in large quantities. The fast printing speed makes it favorable to fulfill your excessive printing needs. If you aren’t looking to print stickers in large quantities on an everyday basis, then print speed may not be your focal concern. 

A sticker printer with an average print speed will be cheaper and gets the job done. You can measure the printing speed of a printer by determining how many pages it can print in a minute. Additionally, you may analyze its scanning and copying speed to be a hundred percent certain.

Our experience dictates that laser printers are faster than inkjet printers. They are able to produce about one hundred pages in a minute. Inkjet printers though slower, have many other strengths and advantages that we have highlighted earlier. There is no singular solution while choosing the best sticker printer.

The choices vary depending on individual printing requirements. The buyers must evaluate the features and pros and cons of every printer presented in this article before finalizing a product.


A printer that offers printing solutions for all your printing needs, such as printing, copying, scanning, and faxing, can be a valuable investment. If you need to copy or scan documents often, an all-in-one printer would be the best choice. User-friendliness is another quality to cast about in a printer. Look for an easily operable printer that comes with an auto document feeder and duplex printing features.

Inkjet vs Laser printer

The two main types of sticker printers are Laser printers and Inkjet printers. Each type is appropriate for printing stickers. The primary difference between laser and inkjet printers is printing speed and volume. Laserjet printers are more suitable for a high printing volume. They are capable of handling bulk quantities swiftly and efficiently.

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The print media such as sticker paper for these printer types is different. A laser printer paper may not be compatible with an inkjet printer. Laser printers use toners for printing instead of ink. Toner cartridges are long-lasting but cost more than ink cartridges. On the other hand, ink cartridges are cheaper, but you will need to replace them frequently.

An upside to laser printers is their ability to use white toner on dark backgrounds. An inkjet printer is unable to do so.  In contrast, inkjet printers have higher print resolution and better print quality. They are slower than laser printers, but their neat, luminous finishing makes them perfect for printing vinyl stickers.

Laser printers are relatively larger than inkjet printers. You can also choose either of them depending on where you need to place your printer.  An inkjet printer would be more practical if you don’t have much space. But, if you have sufficient space and need to print larger stickers, you can opt for a laser printer.

Print Size

The type of sticker you need to print is another critical factor to consider before buying a sticker printer. Not every printer is capable of managing large print formats. If you want to print stickers in multiple sizes, choose a versatile printer. Some of the printers reviewed in this article can impeccably print several sizes and require very few setting changes.

Print Media

The print media that you use for printing decides the quality of finishing. Paper and vinyl are the two available print media. Paper stickers are cost-effective and are well-suited for personal use. Vinyl stickers are vibrant and attractive, and they can handle outdoor weather conditions such as sunlight and rain. It is better to purchase a printer compatible with both types of print media.


Look for a printer with in-built Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity.  The wireless connectivity feature makes a printer more practical and desirable. You can get this feature on almost all fine-quality sticker printers. Another quality to search for is the adaptability with both Mac and Windows devices.

Some printers allow users to connect it to their smartphones and send stickers or images to print. This attribute saves a lot of time and hassle for the user. You can design your sticker on your smartphone or tablet and send it to your printer, which simplifies and speeds up the process.


A significant concern among buyers is to acquire a good product within their budget. Like all other electronic devices, the costs of printers vary. While buying a cheaper product may sound exciting, compromising on the quality of the outcome may lead to other expenses.

There are cheap printers available on the market but require plenty of additional supplies.  You can avoid that expense by conducting thorough research and purchasing a product that offers high-quality results and has minimal maintenance and material costs.

Weigh in all the aspects, specifically if you want to buy a sticker printer for professional usage. Analyze the cost of the printer’s maintenance and replacement of cartridges. Choosing a printer that comes with printer ink refilling will save your ink expenses.

Ink refilling cost for inkjet printers is higher than for laser printers. There are several economical printers reviewed in this article. You can purchase any of them and start printing your own stickers without spending a large sum of money.

Brand Or Company

Always choose a reliable and renowned brand when buying any electronic device. With numerous companies selling printers for printing stickers, it is crucial to select a trustworthy brand. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for buyers to choose the right brand of printer. We have performed in-depth research and tested various printers to assemble the list of the ten best printer for sticker printing. You may follow customer reviews about these products to authenticate the potency and functionality of these devices.


We encourage buyers to consider what type of ink a printer is using. We need waterproof, weatherproof, and fade-proof prints. Most well-known printer manufacturers suggest using a particular ink to optimize the quality of the results. If you want higher quality and more durable print, this is usually your best bet.

An inkjet printer typically utilizes four or more color ink cartridges for printing. The type of print media you are using is another salient consideration. You may require pigment ink for some print media, such as vinyl sticker paper; make sure you select the one with the right set of ink cartridges.


If a printer has a higher number of cartridges, it will produce excellent results in terms of accuracy and coloration. The number of cartridges on a printer are critical to consider when buying a sticker printer. However, it boils down to the purpose of your labels or stickers. If you are using them professionally, it’s usually advisable to go with higher quality.


Feeding your machine one sheet at a time can be a headache, especially if you intend to print a large volume of stickers. The perfect sticker printer comes with an input paper sheet tray that can hold several printing sheets. Automatic document feeders are convenient for consumers with high-volume production requirements. They guarantee efficiency and save you a lot of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of printer can print vinyl stickers?

An inkjet printer is most suitable for printing vinyl stickers, as per our experience. A print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi is a requisite for printing vinyl stickers. But, the higher the resolution, the better your stickers would look. Also, a higher number of ink cartridges assures a greater spectrum of colors. A Canon IP8720 has a print resolution of 9600 x 24oo dpi. That makes it a good choice for printing vinyl stickers.

Q: What is the best printer to make sticker labels?

Plenty of choices are available in the market. We recommend choosing a prominent printer brand that offers good quality at a reasonable price. Any color printer can print stickers as long as you use the appropriate media. However, the quality of results may vary depending on the specific features of that printer.

A LaserJet printer with 1200 dpi can do a decent job of printing monochrome labels. Selecting an inkjet printer is advisable for exceptional quality as they either use the dye sublimation method or pigment-based ink. These printers also have a higher print resolution and more ink cartridges.

Q: How to put sticker paper in a printer?

First, insert the paper & load it into the tray so that the labels are facing down. Place the sticker side upwards in the input tray if it’s a laser printer. The priority feed slot allows you to print the label sheet one at a time on regular printer paper.

Q: How to print vinyl stickers?

The process of designing and printing vinyl stickers is quite simple. There are several applications and websites for creating stickers that anyone with a smart device can access. All you need to do is use good quality vinyl paper and switch the printer settings to the high-quality print mode before you start printing on vinyl paper.

Once you have printed out your sticker design, you’ll want to cover it with a laminate film for added protection before cutting it out and sticking it anywhere you want.

Q: What is the best inkjet printer for stickers?

According to our experience, HP Office jet 3830 is the best sticker printer. It offers good quality and functionality and prints different designs from smartphones.

Q: What is the best printer for printing labels?

You can use a laser or inkjet printer for regular labels. For thermal labels, you need thermal printers. Thermal printers are slightly expensive. An inkjet printer could serve for printing labels at home.

Q: Can you print stickers at home?

Yes, but there are two fundamental elements to consider. You need to figure out the print medium, whether paper or vinyl. You should also check if the printer can produce your desired sticker quality. We recommend using a 4-color inkjet printer with a resolution of 1200 dpi to ensure the best possible results.

Q: Can we use an inkjet printer to print labels?

You cannot use inkjet printers for printing labels. Printing labels with an inkjet is not a bright idea. These printers use water-based inks that wipe off easily when contacted with other liquids. To avoid this, you may want to try using a laser printer instead.

Final Words

Finding the best printer to print stickers may be a daunting challenge. The top-rated products reviewed in this article prove that you do not have to spend an arm and leg to make your stickers look attractive. Obtaining a device designed specifically for printing stickers saves time and helps you create a notable impression on your customers through top-notch labels.

Ensure that your stickers are durable and survive harsh weather conditions. They should stick to different surfaces such as walls, doors, or windows. If you want your sticker to be long-lasting, you should opt for vinyl stickers. Paper stickers will eventually become faded and lose their adhesive properties. PVC Vinyl stickers are durable, attractive, and won’t peel or fade.

We understand that you are looking for the best printer to print stickers. But we are here to make sure that the device you purchase fulfills all your printing needs, from personal to business printing. If your goal is to take printing to an enthusiast level, you should have a printer with not less than six colored cartridges.

If you want to do some basic sticker printing, a printer with four cartridges will suffice. Some of these devices can not only produce beautiful, durable labels and stickers, but they can also copy, scan, and fax documents bringing more versatility and convenience into your life.

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