Best Mini Sticker Printer ~ 2023 (Best Mini Photo Printer Review & Guide)

Mini Sticker Printer

Mini sticker printers are more attractive than ever. They are compact, lightweight, easy to use, and offer more options than ever before. Printing stickers with a mini printer is super easy, and the sticker size is perfect for marketing campaigns, promotions, or private events. A mini printer will allow you to design and print your own stickers anywhere you want. When it comes to mini portable sticker printers, there’s a wide range of options available at affordable prices, some of which we have tested to assemble the list of best mini sticker printers.

Most mini sticker printers are user-friendly, economical, and offer wireless connectivity, making them perfect for printing stickers or photos on the go. This article provides information on the best mini sticker printers, Best portable photo printer 4×6, best mini photo printer, best photo printer for android phone and how to select one according to your precedence.

If you are in hurry then look at the top three on our experience and choice. We recommend reading the full article before purchasing anything from the market.

Top Three Picks

Budget Pick
Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer for Smartphones-mini sticker printer
Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer for Smartphones
  • Features: Light weight 5.6 ounces, Zink Technology, compatible with Smartphones, Super portable
  • Benefits: 2″x3″ Photos with a peel & stick back, Smudge proof prints, Print resolution 314 x 400 dpi, Print from smartphones or social media.
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Editor’s Choice
HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer Best portable photo printer 4x6
HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer
  • Features: Weight 1 pounds, Laser Printing Technology, Cloud Print Enabled, Optional portable battery
  • Benefits: Produces high-quality 4×6″ photos,smudge-proof and water-resistant photos, free HP Sprocket app with free templates for Photo collages, cards and more.
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Canon SELPHY QX10 best mini photo printer
Canon SELPHY QX10 Portable Printer
  • Features:Portable, Compact, Dye Sublimation Technology, USB Connectivity.
  • Benefits: Adhesive backing, fast-drying, high-quality prints, Printing speed approx.43 seconds.
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Canon Ivy Mini Photo PrinterBest Mini Photo Printer

With the Canon Ivy mini portable sticker printer, you can print your stickers or photos directly from your smartphone by connecting it via Bluetooth. It prints 2″ x 3″ images of any design of your choice with peel and stick backing. It has a compact design. With a size of 2″ x 3″, and a weight of just 5.2 ounces, it can easily fit into your pockets or handbags. It offers Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and Canon mini print app to connect your mobile devices. The app also helps customize and edit your photos and designs. It is easy to use and operates on zero ink technology. 

What’s Inside The Box:

Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer,10 Sheets ZINK Photo Paper, Micro USB Charging Cable (USB A to Micro), Quick Start Guide, Regulatory Sheet.


Phomemo M02 Mini Sticker Printer

Among mini portable sticker printers, phomemo mini sticker printer is a small, pocket-size thermal printer that prints black and white photos, sticky notes, mini cards, and much more. It features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and Phomemo app that supports IoS and Android devices. The app offers plenty of filters, themes, and templates that help enhance the beauty of your designs. Its in-built 1000MAh battery lasts for a week and allows for instant printing. M02 pro mini is a 300dpi HD printer that produces clear, sharp prints.

Kodak Step Wireless Best Photo Printer for Android Phone

With a kodak step wireless mini portable sticker printer, you can easily print your photos, portraits, and other designs with a sticky back. All you need to do is connect the device via Bluetooth or NFC to print your stickers with a simple click. It is a user-friendly and cost-effective device as it uses zero ink technology and eliminates the need for expensive cartridges, toners, or ribbons.

Its portability and high print quality make it popular among customers. We have tested it, It produces smudge-proof, water-resistant, and tear-resistant prints. Even though it is small and lightweight, it possesses a powerful lithium-ion battery that makes it favorable for carrying along while traveling. In addition to Bluetooth and NFC, it offers a free app compatible with iOS and Android through which users can edit their photos as per their liking.


Kodak Smile Instant Digital Mini Photo Sticker Printer

The Kodak smile instant digital printer is one of the most popular mini portable sticker printers because of its ability to produce fast, long-lasting results. With a wedge on the side of the device that generates high-quality, sticky-back photos, this mini printer is super easy to use. It easily connects to iOS or Android devices through Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

A lightweight of 0.95 lbs. makes it convenient to carry the device in your pockets or backpacks. Kodak smile instant digital printer doesn’t require toner or ink cartridges. The only thing you will need is sticky-back ink-free ZINK paper. Like all good-quality sticker printers, this one comes with a dedicated app having great editing tools and features.

Hp Sprocket Portable 2”X3″ Best photo printer for Android phone

With HP Sprocket, you can print any photo or design of your choice on 2” x 3” papers with adhesive backs. This mini sticker and photo printer offers advanced Bluetooth 5.0 that allows connecting multiple devices to the printer simultaneously. The users can view which device’s photo the sticker is printing through its personalized LED feature.

This mini portable sticker and photo printer have several attractive features. For instance, the sleep mode helps conserve battery while keeping the printer connected to your android or iOS devices. The HP Sprocket app enables users to edit their pictures and design their stickers. It is a high-speed instant printer. It generates high-resolution, smudge-proof, and water-resistant photo stickers. With the size of a mobile phone, the HP Sprocket is easily portable so, you can print your sticky-backed photos on the go.


Hp Sprocket Portable 2” X 3″ Instant Printer

.No need for ink or dye cartridges.
. Sleep mode that saves battery.
. It can print 12×18 cm photo stickers.
. Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.
.Dedicated Sprocket App has great features and tools.
. Delivers High-Quality images.
.It does not connect to PCs.

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Price: $79

Canon Selphy Square Qx10 Mini Portable Sticker Printer

The Canon Selphy QX10 is a portable printer that works on dye-sublimation technology. It prints high-quality photos with adhesive backing, perfect for scrapbooking or sticking to any surface. It has high-speed printing and takes 43 seconds to print clear, high-resolution, and long-lasting prints. Canon selphy QX10 has a built-in rechargeable battery that can print twenty photos on a full charge.

It is portable, and you can print your images or stickers anywhere you want. However, it is a little bulkier than other printers on this list. It might not be small enough to fit in your pocket, but it’s perfect for carrying around in a backpack. The dye-sub technology ensures the accuracy and vibrance of the prints while protecting them from smudges, spills, and tears with a protective coating.

Price: $129

Polaroid Hi-Print Pocket Printer-Cheap Mini Sticker Printer

The Polaroid mini printer is one of the best mini portable sticker printer on the market. It weighs 255g and is about an inch thick so, you can take it anywhere you want. It is super easy to use. Select your design, print it, and stick it. That’s all you need to do. Via Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect it to your smartphones quickly and easily.

It works on dye-sublimation technology, hence, produces color-rich, vibrant, and detailed photo stickers. Polaroid hi-print pocket printer is an affordable mini sticker printer, complete with a rechargeable battery. The photo stickers that it prints in sixty seconds are accurate and vibrant and last a long time. Polaroid Hi-print mobile app is available for user convenience and customization.

Price: $106

Kodak Dock Portable 4×6” Best Portable Photo Printer 4×6 Pocket Photo Printer

The kodak dock 4×6 pocket photo printer is one of the best mini printers featuring WIFI, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can also connect this device to your digital cameras. It works on D2T2 thermal transfer technology, which means that the pictures it prints will have exceptional details and color accuracy on top of being durable and water-resistant.

The protective layer ensures that the photos do not bleed or fade and last long. Kodak dock 4×6 is built sturdily and has a stylish design. It offers a variety of features despite being compact enough to fit into your pockets. It is easy to use. You can control the device from your smartphone, and refilling ink cartridges is also simple. It comes with a rechargeable battery. 

Price: $139

With a print speed of just twelve seconds, Fujifilm Instax mini link is the fastest mini pocket photo printer on this list. It has long battery life. It can print up to a hundred photos on a full charge. It has a dedicated app that offers a wide range of fun features such as party print, match test, surprise mode, etc. It also includes 27 frame designs and 14 collage styles to provide a better user experience. You can also connect the device to a digital camera compatible with the Fujifilm camera remote app and print your photos directly.

The printer is compact and lightweight and offers wireless connectivity. The Fujifilm Instax mini link is an affordable pocket printer that provides several compelling features, including instant printing within seconds and an internal lithium-ion battery. It uses Instax films that you can choose with a wide selection of borders in different colors and styles. There’s also a black and white option if you want.

Hp Sprocket Studio 4”X6” Instant Photo PrinterBest portable photo printer 4×6

In our experience, best photo printer for android phone, HP Sprocket prints high-quality, 4×6 sticky-back photos from your social media and iOS or Android devices. A compact printer that prints photos having absolute color precision and crisp details. It has an additional feature that allows users easily to set up their personal photo lab with supplies to create customized photo albums, cards, and more. This pocket printer is different from the other ones on the market. It can print larger, 4”x6” durable photos.

The HP Sprocket has a powerful battery capable of printing up to one hundred photo stickers. It features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that allows connecting multiple devices to the printer. Using an HP Sprocket is super easy. Just connect the printer to your smartphone via Bluetooth, go to the dedicated Sprocket app, select your photo, and print. Also, the HP Sprocket app has amazing tools for photo customization and sharing. The app lets users experience content in augmented reality.


Q: What is the Best Mini Sticker Printer for Me?

Different printers offer different features and functionalities. All the mini printers reviewed in this article deliver quality results on top of being portable. Depending on your printing needs, you can select any printer from this list.

Q: Which one is better: HP Sprocket or Canon IVY?

Canon and Hp are reputable printer brands. Both of these are high-performing printers that deliver promised quality. With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, Hp Sprocket stands apart. Whereas high-quality inkless printing and portability make Canon IVY a popular choice among users.

Q: Does Zink Printing Fade?

No, Zink printing doesn’t fade with time. They are durable, waterproof, and smudge-proof. But they are susceptible to heat.

Q: Are mini sticker printers Expensive?

There are many portable sticker printers available at fair prices. Moreover, you can get one that works on Zink technology so, you wouldn’t need to replace ink cartridges and save money.

Q: Is it difficult to use Mini Portable Sticker Printers?

No, it is actually pretty easy to use a mini sticker printer. Just connect it with your smartphone or tablet and print your stickers.

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Q: Can a mini sticker printer print images downloaded from the internet?

Yes, all the portable printers in this list can print any design or photo you have on your phone or PC. 

Buying Guide For The Best Mini Photo Printer

With plenty of amazing products to choose from, it can be a little challenging to decide which one to purchase. By considering the following essential attributes, you will be able to select a mini sticker printer well-suited to your needs.


The manufacturer or company is the first thing you need to consider when buying a product. Remember to choose a brand well-known for manufacturing high-quality, sturdy products. All the products reviewed in this article are from reliable companies and are worth investing in.

Features And Specifications

Mini portable sticker printers available on the market today offer a wide array of functionalities. However, you need to be aware of how you will be using your printer and select the product having your desired features and preferred specifications.


Acquiring a decent product within their budget is what every buyer wants. The best product doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive one. You may find a portable printer of your choice at a reasonable price through in-depth research. In this article, we have indexed the best mini printers that deliver high-quality results while being affordable.

Customer Rating And Reviews

We recommend analyzing users’ perceptions and reviews of a product before finalizing it. You can get first-hand, accurate information from the customers who have used the product you look forward to buying. Understandably, positive reviews and higher ratings indicate that the device delivers promised quality.

There are different print technologies for sticker printing, like laser and inkjet print technologies. Zero-ink technology printers are also available that do not require ink cartridges. They are cheaper as there is no need to replace ink cartridges. You can choose your mini portable sticker printers according to your preferred print technology.


Wireless connectivity is one of the most important features to look for in mini portable sticker printers. The ability to connect your printers to your smartphones or other devices is an advantage as you can print your images or stickers quickly and easily. Most mini portable sticker printers offer Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It is advisable to purchase a device that facilitates advanced multiple-device connectivity.

How to Take Good Photos With Phone?

Not everyone owns a DSLR to take high-quality photos. Smartphone cameras are getting better with time, and with a few tips and tricks, you can take good-quality photos from your smartphone. We will share a few techniques to help you take professional-looking photos from your smartphone cameras.

  • Explore different modes and photography options on your smartphone. The best thing about smartphone photography is that you can take multiple shots until satisfied. For example, iPhone users can take ten photos per second in burst mode. It makes it easier to click a moving subject in your desired position. 
  • The best tip to take the best quality photos from a smartphone is to utilize sunlight. Capturing good indoor shots from a smartphone can be challenging. You can use natural lighting to your advantage by taking your photos outdoors. The light influences the visual qualities of the pictures and enhances the tone and atmosphere. 
  • Make sure to adjust different settings on your phone camera before clicking pictures. You can adjust the focus and exposure of your shots and turn on a face recognition setting that ensures the faces in your photos aren’t blurred. Many smartphone cameras have a night mode that helps take good pictures in low light conditions. 
  • Another helpful tip is to take photos in HDR mode. It is a standard feature for smartphone cameras. It ensures you do not lose the details of the images in the brightest and darkest areas. It also provides an optimal balance of colors. HDR mode takes a while to process photos, so you need to be patient while using it. Most smartphone cameras turn it on automatically in favorable conditions. 
  • Keep your phone steady while clicking your photos. Smartphone cameras are not as good as DSLRs when taking pictures of moving objects. Avoid taking pictures with shaky hands. You can get a pocket-sized tripod to make sure you get gorgeous photos anywhere you want.
  • Finally, edit your photos. There are many editing hacks available online that you can follow. You can use your phone’s editing features or download a free editing app.

How to Print Pictures From Phone?

This buying guide will surely help you select a mini printer for printing your favorite photos and stickers. But, we want to make sure that you know how to use print using these printers from your smartphones. Therefore, we will explain the step-by-step process of printing photo stickers with your Android or iOS devices below. 

All mini portable sticker printers and photo printers that we have tested for this article offer some form of wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth, WIFI, etc., and have their dedicated apps for quick and seamless printing. 

The first thing you need to do is connect your smartphone to the printer. 

Then, open the dedicated printer app to select a picture from your library or take a new one.

You can edit your selected picture through the app as per your liking. You can change the intensity of an image or add black-and-white effects to edit the photo before uploading. Some of the printer apps also allow users to crop the images If you don’t want to alter your picture, skip the customization.

Select print once you are content with the picture. Be patient while the printer prints your photos and stickers. Most printers will be quick enough to print images in a few minutes.

You now have a printed copy of your picture that you can save, share with your friends, or stick to a surface of your choice. Not only do you have a memory printed as a photo sticker, but you can also enhance the beauty of your spaces through it.


As evident from the name, mini sticker printer should be small and lightweight so users can carry them anywhere they want and print their images or stickers swiftly without hassle. The evolution of modern technology has led to smaller, lighter printers that you can carry anywhere in your pocket. The core purpose of having a portable sticker printer is to simplify and mobilize the process of sticker printing.

Mini portable sticker printers bring convenience and enhance the user experience while maintaining the quality and precision of the prints.

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