10 Best Printer For Etsy Sticker Shop 2023

Best Printer For Etsy Sticker Shop

Spice up your creativity by making fun and exciting stickers. Not only children, but stickers can influence every age. Stickers give an easy way to decorate and personalize any of your creative projects. Whether you are making or designing cards, letters, or stickers, it is a fun way to value things. Whether you want to print your designed stickers for your own or you want to sell them to get good fortune, all you need is to have an efficient printer. Looking for the best printer for Etsy sticker shop?

Look! If you have the right printer, you can print your high-quality design stickers at home. You might be planning to start a new home-based business venture; making stickers to sell on Etsy is the most profitable way. Starting up side-hustle selling stickers online can be a great way to earn money through your creativity. You can provide your productive and creative services to create stickers for marketing purposes or maybe run a giveaway for your business.

A simple printer can allow you to print your stickers, but it requires great attention. There are some things to keep in mind when you are using a simple printer to print your fabulous stickers. Let’s have a look at the 10 best and most affordable printers for making stickers and printing them with quality, compatibility, and ease of use.

Our Top 3 Picks

Epson EcoTank ET-2750 X10
Epson EcoTank ET-2750 X10
  • The Epson EcoTank offers an Epson iPrint app both for iOS and Android.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • All-in-one printing device.
  • Offers versatile designs, colors, and patterns.
Canon PIXMA MG3620 X10
Canon PIXMA MG 3620 X10
  • Wireless and multi-functional.
  • Support XL and XXL ink Cartridges.
  • Great OS compatibility (Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS).
  • Uses both dye & pigment ink.
HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer
HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer
  • Support borderless printing.
  • Color accuracy and decent photo printing quality.
  • Touchscreen display & mobile app connectivity.
  • Budget friendly.

Epson EcoTank ET-2750Best Printer for Making Stickers to Sell on Etsy

The Epson EcoTank ET-2750 is an outstanding printer that can print beautiful stickers. If you plan to have lots of printing projects, this great printer for Epson is no exception. You have built-in connectivity that can receive print assignments from Wi-fi. You can connect your mobile, computer, or any internet router as well as the desktop PC with a wired USB connection. With this incredible feature, it also offers mounting space for an SD card. For instance, if you want to print the design from your external SD card, you can inject your storage card and access your file using its interface. Although Epson EcoTank is an inkjet printer, it features an ink tank fixed internally to keep the bottles topped up. It helps a lot to remove the hectic process of loading fresh cartridges into the printer’s cradle.

Being an all-in-one printer, Epson EcoTank is adequately lightweight and bears only 5.5kg weight. Therefore, it is easy to move around. Its built-in adjustable blue clips can adjust the paper without any jams. Configuring the Epson EcoTank usually takes up to 10 to 15 minutes, mainly depending on the active internet connection. Since it does not contain a touch screen feature, handling its control panel can take some time.

Once it makes a connection, ET-2750 can easily be compatible with Apple AirPrint allowing Mac users to use the printer without my drivers to install. However, a windows user will have to download and install respective drivers. The Epson EcoTank offers an Epson iPrint app both for iOS and Android. You might find it boring to use, but when it comes to functionality, it has the best of its navigation. When it comes to printing speed, it is a super-fast printer with 4-5 seconds of printing speed to produce a single page text.

Best printer for Etsy sticker shop
  • Easy to learn and use
  • All-in-one printing device
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Offers versatile designs, colors, and patterns
  • The Epson EcoTank offers an Epson iPrint app both for iOS and Android
  • High Cost
  • Manual document feeder

Canon Pixma MG3620Best Printer for Etsy Sticker Shop

If you want a high-quality image with fast scanning and fast color copying, Canon Pixma is a great option to consider. As long as you do not need extra features MG3620. Being a wireless multifunctional device, it allows you not to pay for extra features that you do not need. If you do not want to have an LCD control panel for stand-alone operations, you can simply skip it. It also does not contain the automatic document feeder so you will not have the opportunity to copy or scan your multi-page documents. But it does not limit its functionality. The Canon Pixma MG 3670 offers a great quality duplex for making two-sided trends with a better-than-average speed.

More importantly, this device delivers high-quality prints that allow you to create astonishing stickers. It features a fixed size of 4×6 inches of photo paper. As it does not feature an LCD screen, therefore, it requires a manual copy button repeatedly to make multiple copies. When it comes to printing speed, it can print 5-page documents in 47 seconds.MG3620 is the fastest Canon model that can make incredibly clear color copies—giving its best in scanning with the performance that topped all other models to date. Capable of capturing a 600-dpi image that is less than a half-category average, it uses both dye and pigment ink. With its incredible print quality, it uses dye ink for more energetic colors, while pigment ink creates sharper and heavier text.

Most interestingly, it has a tri-color and a black cartridge that offers a high-yield version. With its tremendous software and wireless connectivity, it allows printing, scanning, and copying directly from the application.

Best printer for Etsy sticker shop
  • Support XL and XXL ink cartridge
  • Support mobile application
  • Great OS compatibility (Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS)
  • Wireless multifunctional device
  • The Canon Pixmaa MG 3670 offers a great quality duplex for making two-sided trends with a better-than-average speed
  • No LCD

Canon PIXMA TS6220Best Printer for Sticker Printing at Etsy

Canon Pixma TS6220 is a best-quality inkjet printer that works astonishingly well for printing stickers. When it comes to the interface, it has a three inches color LCD touch screen with a remarkable configuration of walk-up controls. Furthermore, for display, it has multiple buttons to operate. Featuring WiFi connectivity, it allows connecting through the internet to share and export designs and stickers. You can also connect the external such as a PC with a USB support. Also, the PictBridge or Wireless LAN supports printing directly from several Canon devices. However, it does not support the WiFi direct and lacks the NFC features.

Nonetheless, it is an exceptional printer with outstanding printing quality and a small footprint. With the robust mobile and device support, it is a fantastic printing machine that can be your first consideration because of its features and sturdiness.

Best printer for Etsy sticker shop
  • Incredible two paper input tray
  • Borderless copy
  • Holds 200 papers in a moment
  • Touch screen LCD
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Maximum running cost
  • No automatic document feeder
  • Holds 200 papers in a moment
  • Absences of NFC

HP Envy Photo 7155Etsy Sticker Shop Printer

HP Envy 7155 is an all-in-one photo printer capable of creating good-quality stickers. At the highly competitive cost rate, it has quite a reasonable price range. Therefore, it is the best choice for initiating a sticker business. With its smart and sleek design, it comes in a two-toned stylish look; it is a must-have consumer-grade sticker printer. It is a decent choice that has excellent choices of color accuracy and the photo look vibrant.

However, with all the efficiency, it yields few printing pages and a low printing speed. But when focusing on the sticker quality, one can indeed compromise on the speed. It also lacks an automatic document feeder. With the great connectivity feature, it can connect with WiFi which allows it to import and share the sticker design and file images. Featuring a USB input to the computer, it also features WiFi direct and Apple AirPrint support.

The HP Envy 7155 has a 2.6 inches touch screen LCD interface with a great easy-to-use interface. When it comes to color precision, it has great color accuracy and works great for casual printing. With a decent photo quality, it supports many paper sizes up to the standard legal size.

Etsy sticker shop printer
  • Perfect for starting sticker business
  • With a decent photo quality, it supports many paper sizes up to the standard legal size
  • Support external memory ( SD card, flash memory)
  • High yield cartridge
  • Reasonable purchase choice
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  • Slow printing speed
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • No automatic document feeder

Epson WorkForce WF-7710Easy to Use Sticker Printer For Etsy

Epson WorkForce WF-7710 is an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn dye-sublimation printer, especially for beginners. With so many features that are enough for a customer’s satisfaction. With a high-quality print resolution, it is an all-in-one printer machine that can handle printing stickers in no time. It can produce borderless prints up to 13″x19″. Having a versatile built-in inject, it can handle almost 250 paper sheets per tray. Also, it features a rear feed to the particular paper. It allows printing, scanning, and copying in no time to produce a borderless print. With 2400 DPI max print resolution, it works astonishingly.

With its extra fast printing speed, there is no effect on print quality. However, the effectiveness of colors and design remains the same, clear and sharper. Having excellent image quality, it has extraordinary connectivity features. Being able to connect with the internet through Ethernet LAN or WiFi network, this device becomes easy to use. It has built-in WiFi Direct and NFC3 with lots of other benefits. The ability to scan the image from a double side makes it super easy for its user, even at first.

In addition to all this, it features a 4.3″ touchscreen that allows easy navigation without a mouse. Undoubtedly, it is a valuable selection for any printing business.

best printers for making stickers to sell on etsy
  • Easy to use & best for beginners
  • High Quality Print Resolution
  • Support multitude of paper materials
  • Features double side print
  • Affordable
  • Quality can be improved

HP OfficeJet 5255Best Printer For Sticker Making Home Business

Intelligent and easy to use, HP OfficeJet 5255 is a super printer that is the best choice for any sticker-making home business. With the maximum speed, it gives impressive products in high print quality in black, white, and other colors. Features an automatic duplex printing service; it can save paper and lower the printing cost. With the high quality, it can print up to 10,000 pages with the fewer use of ink cartridges.

When it comes to its carcass, it has easy touchscreen navigation that keeps your focus on your design. Designed to comply with the sticker-making technology, this compact color laser printer works best for vinyl stickers. It has an auto turn on and off feature with an automatic document feeder of up to 35 pages.

best printers for making stickers to sell on etsy
  • Features instant ink
  • Supports ADF and WiFi
  • Best choice for home business
  • Features an automatic duplex printing service
  • With the high quality, it can print up to 10,000 pages with the fewer use of ink cartridges
  • Best for vinyl stickers
  • Single input tray
  • High running cost

Epson Stylus Photo R2000Best Printer for Sticker Printing At Etsy

From the exclusive range of printers, Epson Stylus Photo R200 is another incredible sticker printing machine with versatile printing handling. Compared to other devices, it can handle printing paper by keeping its proportion right in three stages. It has a telescopic paper tray for feed and output. Furthermore, it has an eight-ink printhead that easily fits into the desktop.

It features the CD/ DVD input where you insert your CD/ DVD and prints directly on the coated blanks. This is a versatile machine that can handle media operations with versatility. It has a six buttons control panel with an indicator for LED. A PictBridge socket goes part tag way to printing from other media. Also, it supports USB, ethernet, and wireless connectivity support. With extraordinary print quality, Epson Stylus Photo R200 is undoubtedly the best printer for sticker printing. It gives the natural color transition from shade to shade smoothly.

best printers for making stickers to sell on etsy
  • Sticker printing machine with versatile printing handling
  • It supports USB, ethernet, and wireless connectivity
  • Extra ordinary print quality
  • Gloss enhancer
  • Prints to all roll papers
  • Affordable price range
  • No LCD

Canon Pixma Pro-100Professional and Best Printer for Sticker Businesses

A Canon Pixma Pro-100 is from an exclusive range of Canon products. With its professional photo inject a line, it has an extraordinary output gallery. If you follow your hobby of making stickers, it could be your first preference. With its maximum print size of up to 13×19 inches, it has an eight-color ink system with some stunning print quality. 

In terms of speed, it gives quite a good average speed time to print. It has a really good output quality to produce high-quality stickers. It prints top-quality stickers with a pop of color LCD and the printing ability from paper rolls. It features a square body with a cuboid design, it has several paper holders, and a tray folded up.

When it comes to connectivity, the internet gives a lot of benefits to a sticker-making business. With several functional buttons, it offers the dedicated WPS button for building an instant wireless connection. As a professional inkjet photo printer, it is a breeze to set up.

With some extra plug-ins and programs, installation of programs may take longer, but it is surely a one-time ordeal that’s installation will automatically go forward. However, if you prefer to have a wired connection, it offers a standard USB connectivity port plugin, and you are ready to go.

Canon offers the most affordable Pixma Pro-100 with the maximum of its professionalism. With a high-quality feature set and print quality, it must be a perfect choice for any home business.

best printers for making stickers to sell on etsy
  • If you follow your hobby of making stickers, it could be your first preference
  • Perfect for home business
  • Best for professional ones
  • Moderate price range
  • Fast printing speed
  • May have some color issues

HP Envy 5055Budget Friendly All-in-One Sticker Printer for Etsy Shop

The HO Envy 5955 is an all-in-one printer that is undoubtedly a budget-friendly option to consider. Initially, it is a flat belt scanner that is a perfect fit for any house-based business. Despite its low cartridge yield, it still prints fairly decent photos. With a decent printing speed of 10mm, it churns out pretty amazing prints. Having two cartridges, it is much faster in printing photos and stickers in comparison to other printers. This unique printer of HP has tremendous color accuracy. Therefore the final look of each sticker is exceptional.

However, it lacks the feature of an automatic document feeder, due to which it has become less suitable to scan multiple documents. Nevertheless, for making stickers specifically, it is not an ordinary printer. With a decent display screen, it gives fairly good visibility. With fairly intuitive menus, its touch-sensitive buttons make it easy to navigate.

Although it is considered a mediocre printer with its extra color accuracy and decent photo printing quality, this printer has no exception in sticker making. 

etsy sticker shop printer
  • All-in-one & budget friendly
  • Faster in printing photos and stickers
  • Tremendous color accuracy
  • Its touch-sensitive buttons make it easy to navigate
  • Supports borderless printing
  • Mobile app connectivity
  • No photo cartridges

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025Perfect for Small Offices & House-based Small Businesses

If you want to get a high-quality output at a low cost per page, the high-demand HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 has no exception. It is undoubtedly an excellent solution for small offices and house-based small businesses. It is all in one expert choice printer that has an exceptional tendency to print almost all kinds of stickers.

Being an entry-level mimid-range functional printer table gives you everything professional. It is a well-built printer that works great for producing decent stickers. It works amazing for a home-based business.

With a low-cost per minute, it features both black and colorful designs. It is yielding the maximum of color pages, depending on your print. With its responsive display screen, it offers several connectivity options. For instance, you can connect your device with WiFi over the internet, which helps share and import sticker designs for printing.  However, it does not support Bluetooth technology and connectivity through USB.

best printers for making stickers to sell on etsy
  • Excellent solution for small offices and house-based small businesses
  • Exceptional tendency to print almost all kinds of stickers
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • High resolution and color depth
  • 3 color cartridge
  • Low black yield
  • No duplex scanning

Buying Guide for Best and Affordable Printers for Making Stickers to Sell on Etsy

You might be planning or starting a side hustle of making stickers at home and selling on Etsy. A regular printer can also do wonders in printing the stickers. When you are up to buying your printer for your home business, there are some factors that you must take into consideration. For instance, each type of printer has its pros and cons but can be suitable for printing with different aspects.

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1.   Print Resolution

The print resolution of any printer is an essential factor to consider. Your print image must be as sharp as possible. Print resolution is measured in dots per inch (dpi). At least 1000 x 1000 dots per inch are considered the best for high printing resolution.

2.     Accuracy of Colors

In the field of printing stickers, colors matter a lot. If your sticker does not come up with the right color accuracy that you want, the color accuracy of your printer might be a problem. None accurate colors can distort your sticker design and make your task frustrating and time-wasting. This may lead to ruin your money and sticker.

To stay away from this problem, make sure to select a printer with higher color accuracy. Higher the color accuracy, the sticker design will be super amazing.

3.     Print Size

Although the stickers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, the paper and print size of your printer is most important. While deciding on which printer to get, make sure to decide what size of stickers you want to produce. Do you want to create small stickers or larger ones? Not all printers can handle every size of paper. Therefore, you must keep this in mind while shopping. You can double-check the paper size that is cordial with your chosen printer.

4.     Connectivity

With a great sense of creativity, you can create your personal stickers. However, if you are a beginner in this field, you can also use the free sticker designs and templates. But, this requires having a device that is compatible to connect with the internet either with ethernet or a wireless network. To connect your device with computers, many printers offer a USB connection port to import and share the design.

For instance, you can connect your device to the cloud and share your file even if you are not in your workplace. You can design your sticker and share it with your printer from anywhere. Therefore, whenever you are up to getting a printer, make sure that it has internet connectivity.

5.     Printing Speed

Printing speed is an important factor to consider when it comes to purchasing a new printer for your business. Although, color printers have a less printing speed than black and white. When you have a sticker business, you must have to print a lot. Therefore, consider a printer machine that has a great printing speed. Make sure to have a printer with at least 15 ppm printing speed.

How to Sell Stickers on Etsy?

Being an online marketplace, Etsy gives a huge platform for handmade or vintage items such as craft supplies and tools. Are you a creative person who loves creativity and tries something new every time? Well, you are fortunate enough to make extra money as a side hustle. If you have a sticker-making business, you can simply earn a lot while making it at your home. Selling your high-quality stickers on Etsy will always work. You can create fabulous stickers and sell them on Etsy to earn good fortune. This can be the easiest way to make money through creativity.

Whether you want to earn money or make a good brand name, there is always a dedicated place for you on Etsy. Etsy is a global e-commerce store that allows creative-minded people to sell what they can design creatively. The main objective is to provide a forum for small businesses to grow with little to no difficulty.

Having an identity on Etsy, you do not have to worry about making a website or building your online presence. However, you must prove your creativity on Etsy, among many other creative minds. On Etsy, all you need to do is open up an e-shop, and you are up to your first sale.

Stickers have been a major trend on Etsy. People are looking for fun and vibrant stickers to personalize their belongings. With many other online selling platforms available, Etsy encourages creativity. Below are a few reasons why Etsy is an ideal choice for selling stickers. 

Generate your Sticker Designs

It does not require a master’s degree in professionalism to create sticker designs. You can create your designs through any compatible software that is suitable for your sticker-making machine and printer. When creating the sticker, make sure to use fonts and graphics that are for commercial use and not specific to personal use only. To get the most control over your sticker design, it is recommended to design and cut it independently. However, if you are not drawing independently, you can simply download your sticker and print it out.

Another great way is to outsource your sticker printing when you are not ready to cut your sticker on your own. This can be a good option to consider, especially when you are new to selling on Etsy and have no professional experience. Printing on demand is an exceptional way; however, it costs a bit more.

Packaging and Shipping your Stickers

Packaging and shipment are costly art to do. A product should not be judged by its packaging, as a book can not be judged by its cover. But this does not imply in the online business. Good packaging has a lot of impacts. To maintain the legacy, you must not ship a package of stickers in a letter envelope with a regular postage stamp. Instead, prepare a properly measured paperboard mailer that is rigid enough to save the sticker from folding or creasing.

etsy sticker shop printer

Packaging insert and Shipping Labels

Apart from the stickers, make sure to put your business card with your business contact details, such as your email address. You can print and add any sort of marketing material to market your business. It can be a postcard, flyer, or simple business card. You may also give a promotion card or a discount offer card to your regular customer. People love free stuff. Therefore, it can be an opportunity to make them remember your products.

sticker printer for etsy shop

Boost your  Profit Margin

Having a successful business requires regular efforts. With the continuous and rapid changes in technology and trends, the demands of people are also changing. One can not stay on a single strategy to keep their business high. You must adopt new and valuable strategies to boost your business and its profit margin. When you are selling your stickers on Etsy, it has a low-profit margin.

You are going to pay the same amount for each package, either for one sticker or for 50 stickers. The perfect way to deal with this is by creating a package listing. For instance, you can create a package of 5 stickers, a package of 5-10 stickers at a defined price, or even a surprise pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

While making up a decision on the best printer for the Etsy sticker shop you may have some questions in mind. Here are some frequently asked questions that help you make a decision precisely.

Q: Can a Regular Printer Work for Printing Stickers?

A regular printer can also print stickers easily and effortlessly but with limited features. Undoubtedly, a special printer features great quality of printing. However, if you do not afford a new printer or you already have a regular printer, you can use it and get fine results.

Q: Can Vinyl Printers be Printed at Home?

Yes, vinyl stickers can easily be printed at home and you can get astonishing results in no time. Thanks to the technology, with the help of software, you can print stickers of any type.

Q: How can you Print your Personalized Stickers?

To print a personalized design sticker, all you need to create a design first. Finalize your design and use your print device to get your personalized sticker on your favorite material such as paper or vinyl.

Q: Does a Home-Based Sticker Making Business Worth it?

Appreciating the technology that makes it super easy to build multiple home-based businesses and sticker making is one of them. You can build your home business by using your creativity to design stickers and sell them on Etsy.

Q: What is the Best Platform to sell Stickers online?

Undoubtedly, Etsy is the most profitable online platform to earn money by selling personalized sticker online.


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