Best Sticker Paper 2023 (Waterproof and Smudge Proof)

best sticker paper

A sticker paper is an adhesive paper used for creating custom sticker sheets. Make no mistake choosing the appropriate paper is the key to high-quality, long-lasting stickers. With an abundance of sticker papers available in the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which sticker paper is the most suitable for your projects. This article will help you figure out the Sticker printer Paper or best sticker paper for you.

We have reviewed the most popular vinyl sticker paper, sticker paper glossy, waterproof vinyl sticker paper, best sticker paper for selling stickers, Best sticker paper for inkjet printer, Best sticker paper for Cricut and Printable Vinyl Waterproof glossy Sticker Paper available in the market currently. We will also walk you through the essential elements you need to consider before buying a sticker printer paper. To save your time we have the top three on our experience:

Our Three Top Recommendations are:

Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper-Best Sticker paper for Cricut X10
Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper-Best Sticker paper for Cricut X10
  • Compatible with Cricut, inkjet printer.
  • Best for bumper stickers,planner stickers, vinyl stickers, wall art,mugs, files, notebooks etc.
  • Easy to apply and Quick Dry (in five minutes).
  • Delivers high resolution prints with color accuracy.
Limia’s Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper- Glossy Sticker Paper X10
Limia’s Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper- Glossy Sticker Paper X10
  • Glossy sheets produce vibrant stickers.
  • Scratch and tear resistant.
  • Removes without leaving residue.
  • Water resistant and smudge proof.
Online Labels Sticker Paper For Inkjet Or Laser Printer
Online Labels Sticker Paper For Inkjet Or Laser Printer
  • No back-slits on the liner.
  • Works with both laser and ink jet printer.
  • Smudge proof and water proof.
  • strong permanent adhesion.

Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker PaperBest Sticker Paper for Cricut

Zicoto premium printable vinyl sticker paper is undoubtedly one of the best sticker printer papers. It works with both laser and inkjet technologies. This paper facilitates making stickers for several indoor and outdoor functions. On testing, ZICOTO sticker paper glossy dries instantaneously (within five minutes) and holds ink well. However, we suggest adding a layer of UV-resistant coating to preserve the impermeability and durability of the stickers, especially for outdoor applications. 

It is glossy sticker paper, so the possibilities with this paper are boundless. It absorbs ink swiftly, which makes it compatible with inkjet printers. It delivers high-resolution prints with color accuracy. You can create bumper stickers, planner stickers, vinyl stickers for phone cases or laptops, wall art, or labels for products, files, notebooks, mugs, etc. To ensure it doesn’t jam the printer, insert one sheet at a time. The water resistance and thickness of the paper make it a popular choice among users.

best sticker paper
  • Easy Application.
  • Dries Quickly in five minutes.
  • Durable and impermeable.
  • Color precision.
  • Compatible with inkjet printer and cricut.
  • Not suitable for fabric application.

Online Labels Sticker Paper For Inkjet Or Laser PrinterBest Sticker Paper for Cricut

Online labels offer sticker papers in a wide range of materials such as white matte, vinyl, glossy, fluorescent, etc. The paper works with both laser and inkjet printers. Online label sticker papers do not have back-slits on their liners. Hence, they are suitable for sophisticated adhesive cutting machines like Silhouette cameo 4 or Cricut Explore Air 2. These printable, permanent adhesive sticker papers by online labels are smudge-proof and do not turn yellow, so you can be assured that your prints won’t fade. 

You can use Online Labels sticker papers to make vinyl stickers, paper stickers, shipping labels, and many more. It can permanently stick to many surfaces such as metal, glass, plastic, cardboard, etc. With every purchase comes an activation code for the design software by Online Labels called Maestro Label Designer. The product comes in a plastic case that protects the paper sheets during transit and allows the users to store the leftover sheets neatly and use them later.

vinyl sticker paper
  • No back-slits on the liner.
  • It works perfectly with both laser and inkjet printers.
  • Smudge-proof and waterproof.
  • Strong permanent adhesion.
  • Papers do not turn yellow.
  • It looks the same from front and back. 

Townstix Printable White Sticker Paper, Laser/Inkjet Printing

Townstix manufactures several different variations of sticker papers for consumers’ ease. They also come in different sizes, from the standard size of 8.5 x 11 inches to a smaller size of 2” x4”. These compact-size sticker papers are perfect for making smaller labels. The users do not have to cut larger sheets to modify them to their preferred sizes. It is a matte paper which means it is easy to write on as its surface is like a regular writing or printing paper.

It also protects labels from ink smudge to ensure trouble-free printing. The Townstix sticker paper has an adhesive on the back. You can peel and paste it on different flat surfaces such as plastic, paper, cardboard, etc. The product makes it to our list of top ten best sticker papers because it has many attractive features. It is compatible with modern cutting machines and both laser and inkjet printers. 

best sticker paper
  • Easy peel and paste application.
  • It attaches well on flat surfaces.
  • Matte surface allows writing with pencils, pens, and markers. 
  • Smudge-proof.
  • no slits on backing for use with electronic cutting machines like silhouette or cricut.
  • Separating stickers from paper requires considerable force. 

Betckey I Label Full Sheet Printable Sticker PaperBest Sticker Paper for Selling Stickers

Betckey iLable full sheet sticker printer paper comes in the standard 8.5” x 11” size. It has a strong adhesive that increases the lifetime and durability of your stickers and labels and sticks well to smooth surfaces like plastic, glass, tin, or metal. Like most good sticker papers, it is compatible with most inkjet or laser sticker printers and cutting machines. It does not have back-slits on the liner, which makes it safe to use as it eradicates the risk of tearing the sticker sheets. 

The white matte surface of these papers is absolutely scratch-free. You can print pin-sharp, high-quality designs, and patterns of your choice on this paper. Compatibility with i Label allows users to create and print from their tablets or smartphones. These papers go through the printing machine seamlessly without jamming them as they have just the right thickness and weight. Betckey sticker printer papers are the most affordable option available in the market. This paper is favorable for making bar-code stickers, name tags, product and address labels, gift cards, etc. 

  • Powerful and durable adhesion.
  • No back slits.
  • Compatible with Android devices.
  • Decent quality prints.
  • Unsuitable for kiss cut stickers. 

Rbhk 100 Sheets Sticker LabelsBest Sticker Printer Paper

RBHK produces sticker papers with a laminated finish which makes the exterior of the stickers water-resistant. If fluid spills on the sheet, you can preserve its quality by simply wiping the liquid off with a cloth. It has a powerful adhesive. The strong adhesion and mild water repellence make this paper extremely suitable for making any sticker or label.

The sheets come in the standard size of 8.5 inches x 11 inches. However, one page can only print one sticker. RBHK sticker paper works well with both laser and inkjet technologies. You can use them with almost all types of cutting machines. The compatibility with different printing and cutting machines and economical prices make these papers popular among users.

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  • The permanent adhesive gives long-lasting results.
  • Affordability.
  • Compatibility with both inkjet and laser printers.
  • Compatible with all cutting machines.
  • One page prints only one label.
  • Unsuitable for printing high-resolution images.

Limia’s Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper- Sticker Paper Glossy

Limia’s Care Store produces high-quality vinyl sticker paper that you can use for various DIY projects. It is unsuitable for fabric application, but you can make bumper stickers, murals, vinyl stickers for laptops or phone cases, and several different objects with this paper. It is the best choice to print professional-looking, high-resolution photos with absolutely vibrant colors.

The glossy material allows crafters to showcase their designs beautifully with bright-looking stickers. These glossy finish vinyl sheets are waterproof, self-adhesive, and durable. They are also torn and scratch-free. Hence, perfect for outdoor label application. You can easily remove them from any surface, be it plastic, metal, glass, or wood. They don’t leave a sticky residue.

  • Water resistant.
  • Smudge-proof.
  • Glossy sheets produce vibrant stickers.
  • Removes without leaving residue.
  • Scratch and tear-resistant.
  • Vinyl sheets work with inkjet printers only.
  • Unsuitable for fabric application.

9527 Product 100 Sheets Sticker Labels For Ink Jet Printer and Laser

The 9527 sticker papers are easy to peel off as they are thin. If you struggle with peeling stickers off, these might be a better option for you. The paper comes off easily without force and without being ripped. Since they are easily peelable, they are a popular choice for labeling products. Even though the labels are easy to remove, they are durable and super sticky. They offer good value for money. It has powerful permanent adhesion.

The labels stick to many surfaces, such as glass, metal, etc., and last for a long time. The 9527 sticker paper sheets are appropriate for smaller stickers and labels. The sheets come in the standard size of 8.5” x 11”. But, labels are just one-eighth the size of the whole sticker sheet. This sticker paper is well-suited to laser and inkjet printers and modern cutting machines like Cricut. 

  • The labels are easy to peel off.
  • Quality adhesion.
  • Functions properly with both laser and inkjet printers.
  • The back and front of the paper are different and easily recognizable.
  • Compatible with Cricut machines.
  • Not Waterproof.
  • It takes time to absorb the ink. 

Neato Labels Clear Sticker Paper-Best Vinyl Sticker Paper for Cricut

It is one of the best sticker papers available in the market. It is permanently adhesive and weatherproof. Neato Labels clear vinyl sticker paper is transparent and glossy and offers unlimited possibilities for customization of your projects. It functions well with laser and inkjet printers and advanced cutting machines and tools like Cricut and Silhouette.

The paper has weather-resistant properties but, we recommend users to print with UV ink or apply UV-resistant spray to conserve waterproofness. An additional tip is to set the drying duration to twenty-four hours to enhance the results. The user gets access to the design software with a purchase that adds value to the customer experience.

  • Weather-resistant.
  • Strong adhesion.
  • Compatibility with laser and inkjet printers and craft cutting machines.
  • Laminated finish.
  • Some customers complained that it smudges easily. However we did not met with this.

Glossy Clear Sticker Project Paper-Avery Printable Sticker Paper

The Avery printable sticker printer paper liberates users in customizing their stickers and crafting them in any shape, design, or form. It is a crystal clear, glossy paper with quality adhesion that makes long-lasting labels. The product is available in kraft brown, glossy clear, and white colors. 

It is a multi-functional sticker paper ideal for making several different stickers, such as spice jar labels, scrapbooking, name tags, personalized gift cards, etc. the paper is perfect for making die-cut stickers. You can use a die-cutting machine or tool to adjust the shape of the stickers to your liking. The labels stick well to metal, paper, and plastic. The users get access to free customizable templates through the Avery website. 

  • Compatible with laser and inkjet printers and sophisticated die-cutting machines.
  • Super sticky.
  • Slits on the back liner.
  • Peelable adhesive backing.
  • multi functional sticker paper, perfect for scrapbooking, labels,jars, gift cards etc.
  • No water-resistance. 

Joyeza Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker PaperWaterproof Vinyl Sticker Paper

Joyeza premium printable vinyl sticker paper comes in a pack of 25 standard-size sheets. It has water resistance and swift drying qualities. That is why it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. You can use a UV-resistant sealer spray to strengthen the impermeability and durability of your stickers.

You can use this thick sticker paper for numerous purposes, such as product labeling, vinyl lettering, wall décor, waterproof custom decals, photo stickers, etc. Joyeza printable sticker paper is super easy to use. The adhesive backing is strong yet easy to peel and paste. You can cut it with die-cutting scissors or electronic die-cutting machines.

  • Easy To use.
  • Compatible with inkjet and laser printers.
  • High-Quality Glue.
  • It absorbs ink well.
  • Glossy finish.
  • The thinness of the paper makes it difficult to feed it into the machine at times.

How to Select the Best Sticker Paper?

Here is a list of the integral elements you need to consider before buying sticker printer paper.

Shape and Size

Most sticker printer papers are available in the standard size of 8.5’ x 11”.  A few companies produce them in different sizes like 2’ x 4” or 4” x 5”. Smaller sizes are more suitable for industrial labels. Knowing what you want to create and obtain through this paper will help you decide which size to choose. Sticker papers usually come in the form of rectangular sheets. However, you may find different shapes easily in the market.

Durability And Impermeability

The waterproofness of the paper is a critical factor to consider. Water can damage the color and clarity of your images if the sticker paper you used is permeable. If you make stickers for outdoor applications, you should opt for water and weather-resistant sticker paper. However, if you need to make planner or journal stickers, you can buy regular paper-based sticker paper. Some of the products reviewed in this article offer supreme durability and water and tear resistance. You can choose any of them for long-lasting, high-quality stickers.


Understandably, all sticker papers include adhesion. However, their intensity or type may vary. Some sticker papers have permanent adhesion, while some are repositionable. Yet again, the reason you are buying a sticker paper drives the decision here.

If you need to remove your stickers and place them elsewhere, repositionable sticker paper will work for you as you would not want to rip your labels apart. But if you need to paste your stickers to a surface for a long time and need their life span to be longer, permanent adhesive sticker paper is for you. Sticker papers with repositionable adhesives are slightly costlier than sticker papers with permanent ones.

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Machine Compatibility

The sticker paper must be compatible with your printing and cutting devices. Some sticker papers can work with both inkjet and laser printers. But some only work with one print technology and do not support the other. You must also be cautious not to use sticker paper with a machine with which it is not compatible.

For instance, using sticker paper that functions with an inkjet printer with a laser printer would cause the adhesive to melt and damage your device. Also, keep in mind the cutting equipment you will use. Make sure to check whether the sticker paper is compatible with your cutting tools or electronic cutting machines.

Surface Texture

Sticker papers can have two types of surface textures; glossy and matte white. Matte white sticker paper is more of a regular printing or writing paper. You can write on its surface with any pen, pencil, or marker; the ink won’t smudge. A matte sticker paper isn’t one hundred percent clear. The stickers you will print on this paper will not be as bright and vibrant as the ones printed on glossy sticker paper.

Glossy sticker paper has a shiny finish allowing users to create professional-looking labels and stickers. You cannot write on glossy sticker paper but it does a brilliant job of portraying the intricate details of your designs. It is well-suited for projects that require clear, bright, and vivid images.

Back Slit

Some sticker printers have a peel-and-paste quality that most users prefer. This sticker paper comes with slits on the back liner for smooth peel-and-paste application. Sticker papers with back slits are unfitting for making kiss-cut stickers. Therefore, we advise readers to purchase sticker paper that fits their requirements.


You can find sticker papers in different materials, such as vinyl, paper, polyester, etc. The most common sticker paper materials are vinyl and copy paper. Copy paper sticker papers are economical and easy to use. Vinyl sticker paper is perfect for outdoor stickers as it combats harsh weather conditions and UV radiation. Copy paper sticker papers stick well to flat surfaces but, vinyl stickers are flexible, and you can paste them on curved surfaces as well.

With appropriate tools and supplies, you can have a seamless experience of making your stickers on your own. You can choose from plenty of exceptional quality sticker papers and sticker printing and cutting machines available in the market according to your needs.

Final Words

All the products reviewed in this article are highly recommended and offer excellent functionality and user experience. But the following three are the front runners because of their attractive features and value for money.

  1. Zicoto premium printable sticker paper
  2. Online Labels sticker paper
  3. Lima’s printable vinyl sticker paper

We have given recommendations on our experience but we still recommend our readers cross-check the facts and analyze the customer reviews before finalizing a product.


Q: What is Vinyl Sticker Paper?

A: Vinyl sticker paper is a type of paper that is used to make stickers. It is usually made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride, and it is often used for waterproofing purposes.

Q: What is the best way to use a Vinyl Sticker Paper?

A: The best way to use vinyl sticker paper is by using it for waterproofing purposes. However, it can also be used for other purposes such as making stickers and decals.

Q: What are the Benefits of Using Vinyl Sticker Paper?

A: The benefits of using vinyl sticker paper include its durability, water resistance, and versatility. Additionally, it is often less expensive than other types of sticker paper.

Q: What is Glossy Sticker Paper?

A: Glossy sticker paper is a type of sticker paper that has a glossy finish. It is often used for projects that require a high level of detail and clarity, such as decals and stickers.

Q: What are the benefits of using Glossy Sticker Paper?

A: The benefits of using Glossy sticker paper include its ability to produce high-quality results, its durability, and its water resistance.

Q: What are the Types of Sticker Papers?

A: The types of sticker papers include vinyl, glossy, and printable vinyl.

Q: What is the Best Sticker Paper?

A: The best sticker paper is the one that best suits your needs and purposes. However, the most popular types of sticker papers are vinyl, glossy, and printable vinyl.

Q: Can I use ordinary Paper as Sticker Paper?

A: No, you cannot use ordinary paper as sticker paper. Sticker paper is made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride, which is a type of plastic.

Q: How to use sticker papers for Cricut machines?

A: To use sticker papers for Cricut machines, you need to purchase a specific type of paper that is compatible with the machine. After buying the compatible sticker papers, follow these simple steps:

1) Choose the design you want to make on your Cricut machine.

2) Size and place the design on your cutting mat.

3) Load the cutting mat into your Cricut machine.

4) Select the “Sticker Paper” setting on your Cricut machine.

5) Press the “Cut” button on your Cricut machine.

6) Once the design is cut, remove it from the cutting mat.

7) weed out the excess vinyl from your design.

8) Apply pressure to your design using a transfer tape.

9) Peel off the transfer tape and enjoy your new sticker!

Q: What is Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper?

A: A printable vinyl sticker paper is a type of sticker paper that can be printed using an inkjet printer.

Q: What is the difference between Waterproof stickers and water-resistant stickers?

A: Waterproof stickers are made of materials that are impermeable to water, such as vinyl. On the other hand, water-resistant stickers are made of materials that can resist water but are not impermeable to it.

Q: What is the Difference Between Glossy and Matte?

A: The main difference between glossy and matte is that glossy has a shiny finish while matte does not. Matte sticker paper is great if you want your planner stickers to blend in with everything else on the page. With this type of finish, there’s no gloss at all. Glossy sticker papers are more expensive than matte.

Q: What is Clear Sticker Paper?

A: Clear sticker paper is a type of sticker paper that is transparent. Clear sticker paper is the perfect choice for those who want to give their candles, planners or other objects a clear background.

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