Cricut Maker vs Explore Air 2 (Best Selling Cricut Projects 2022)

cricut vs cricut explore air 2 and profitable cricut business

Your love for crafting can profitably become your business identity, you must be wondering how? Well, to initiate your crafting business, you must have to know about Cricut maker vs Explore Air 2. Cricut is the digital die-and-cut machine that has taken the world of craft to another extent. It can cut many different materials such as paper, vinyl, and other materials. Through its variety of cutting blades, this fantastic machine can also cut hard surfaces such as wood, leather, and cork.

Almost everybody can start a craft business but not all crafts businesses give good fortune. When it comes to making your interest turn into your passion, Cricut is no exception. If you are a great designer you can print your favorite design on either cushions, doormats, rugs, or even your coffee mugs or tumblers to sell them. You can also use the ready-to-use designs from the internet. Having a built-in software called Design Space, you can edit or choose the design of your choice and print on any material you want.

In a world full of knowledge and trends, there are so many creative and innovative business ideas that you can opt for to make a good fortune. Here are some most awesome, trendy, and profitable business ideas using Cricut that you can create and sell to your audience.

Best Selling Cricut Projects

If you love to do crafting, you can make money doing what exactly you love. Cricut is a crafting machine that can cut a variety of different materials such as vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, or iron-on materials. If you want to start your own homemade crafting business, the foremost step is to get a nice and best Cricut machine by doing fine market research. Check out the trending list and what you are looking for. You can cut the infusible ink and apply that to the fabric surface such as the pillows, cushions, and curtains. If you want to initiate the mug printing service, you can consider the Mug Press which can create a beautiful design with a professional look.

If you want to run your business high by keeping your cost low, making your profit margin high, and the rest and reinvesting into your business, here are some most profitable and convenient business ideas that you can accomplish by using your Cricut machine. 

The wedding industry and decor require a lot of innovative decorations. With so many decor ideas and inspiration, many people are following specific themes for their weddings. Wedding decor is such a great area to get a massive fortune. People are always getting married and it is a great area to get into with personalized items. There are some great and astonishing ideas that you can adopt to get the most out of your Cricut business.

It allows you to create custom signs with little tags to welcome the people. You can personalize down to the plates, napkins, cups, and invitation cards. There are lots of different areas to touch whenever it comes to getting into crafting. Making the flowers with fabric felt paper in all sorts of different ways to create flowers. There is tons of stuff that you can do with your Cricut when it comes to the wedding decor.

Many people are looking for multiple design DIY details for their wedding. During the wedding season, keep your eyes on and provide them with stylish and detailed decor items with a personalized touch.

For instance, you can provide creative, stylish, and beautiful craft items for somebody’s ultimate wedding celebrations. You can create DIY Cricut decor to add versatility and impression to wedding crafts. When people plan for a wedding, they are more and more into having customized invitation cards. You can master the hand-letter invitation cards using the incredible Cricut machine. Rustic invitation cards for a wedding are so popular these days. There is so much in making the wedding decors in a fun way, either for indoor or outdoor decorations. 

cricut vs cricut explore air 2 and profitable cricut business

2.     Stickers have an Endless Variety

With all of the Cricut capabilities, the sticker business is no doubt the best selling Cricut projects on Etsy. Having a variety of functions and materials it can handle, making stickers is great fun. Cricut being an ultimate cutting machine is a great tool for making stickers. Regardless of the design software it already has, it is super easy to use. For so many sticker makers already out in the market, your business is totally dependent on your creativity. You need to discover your personal aesthetic to make your place in the market. Do not hesitate to experiment before finalizing the finish.

If you opt for sticker making, higher chances of making much money. For this, the only effort you have to do is to bring quality label paper and the rest of the work is dependent on the design and your Cricut. Creating stickers is such creativity. You could do planner stickers, and create custom stickers for business for the stuff that goes on the packaging. You can also do die-cut stickers and the decals that can go on cars, your laptop, cell phone covers, and a lot of different things to do with the decals. There are many ways to design your everyday objects such as laptops, phone cases, notebooks, and everything.

Making stickers and opting for them as a business idea is going stronger. In fact, it is becoming a popular way for a small home-based business. When it comes to making money from your sticker business, you must know about your audience. Stickers are attractive to every age, therefore you have a wide audience to present your creative design stickers. Unlike the regular and traditional sticker design, you can opt for fun ways to express your personality at such a low cost.

There are so many kinds of design stickers you can sell online on Etsy for high-quality pieces of art in every genre. The final result of your stickers always gives a different look to different materials. For instance, if you want to have fine detailing, a matte finish sticker gives you the desired result. Similarly, bolder designs work better with holographic stickers.

3.      Drinkware and Tumblr are Always Unique

Among best-selling Cricut projects, Drinkware has superb potential. You can turn any piece of art, illustration, scripted letters, or photograph into a beautiful outwear of a customized mug, glass, or tumbler. Coffee mugs have been a huge attraction. You could make designs for the coffee mugs using some built-in designs or you can create your own. Most coffee lovers love to have their own personalized mugs.

With the increase in the demand for personalized mugs, you can create super cute quotes on them. You can cover all of your design senses for creating personalized tumblers and drinkware. Everybody has coffee cups in their home, so it is something that people are looking for and going to purchase for years to come. You can also personalize the glassware to send as a gift.

When it comes to the tumblers specifically, most people like to have their names on their tumblers. You can personalize the tumblers with different designs and patterns adding some value, trendiness, and quality. Many companies are now having their mugs customized with their logos for their business. There are lots of ideas you can consider when it comes to drinkware.

If you are already a creative person, turning your creativity into a piece of art is not a hefty thing to do. Drinkware is typically used to express individuality and one’s personal interest. So if you are into making personalized drinkware, you are bound to find a buyer for your style you have to design according to the buyer’s choice. 

With the high growth of traveling and tourism activities, there is a relative rise in the demand for sustainable and attractive drinkware. As per current trends, the change in lifestyle causes people to push towards more convenient and eye-catching products. It is important to identify your audience and lead your business to an upward trend in online sales figures.

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cricut vs cricut explore air 2 and profitable cricut business

4.     T-shirt and Clothing

The clothing industry has flourished a lot with so many new technologies. Personalized clothing, especially T-shirts are a great style statement. It can be a perfect giveaway for a family event for matching purposes. For instance, during a wedding, there are a lot of accessories the bridesmaids usually opt for.

The business of designing personalized clothing is flourishing and people are demanding more and more in this area. The demand for customization is growing rapidly due to the area of interest and trend. With custom designing, you can establish your own personalized brand.

Owning your small home business of making customized designs, you can make a handsome income. For the design ideas, you can create your own clothing brand, create super sassy quotes on T-shirts, and also the matching parent and child T-shirt. Along with the accessories, many companies are having customized shirts or uniforms with their logo; either on the front or back of the shirt. There are a lot of different things that you can do when it comes to the apparel department and your Cricut.

cricut vs cricut explore air 2 and profitable cricut business

5.     Felt flowers and Detailed Decor

The use of Cricut for creating felt flowers and succulents has always been trending and gives a perfect wedding decor blend. It adds great warmth to any space and can be anything simple in design. While starting your home business with Cricut, is another great way to get into it. More and more people are going into getting personalized gifts for their friends and family, therefore there is another super idea of creating personalized gift boxes with customized goodies and gifts.

When it comes to designing, birthday decorations and cake toppers are the super easiest and most pleasing things to make. Whenever there is a birthday party, people are more into decorating with all sorts of customized decor accessories. The incredible Cricut machine allows it to work on other inspiring decorations. For instance, in today’s time, people are more into decorating their living in a contemporary style, therefore, looking to have a perfect piece of functional home decoration. You can start a crafting business to manufacture and sell custom-made baskets.

With a variety of raw materials, you can create almost any decoration idea with a single yet incredible Cricut machine. It gives treasure to create outstanding paper crafts and detailed models to provide solutions to many existing dilemmas. Work for 3D model design to alternatively produce models for various businesses.

cricut vs cricut explore air 2 and profitable cricut business

6.     Home-Based Tailors

Likewise wallpapers, the Cricut allows you to create beautiful floral designs or some decks and trendy wall art at a low cost. For instance, you can opt for any bold design to make your focal wall attractive. Make your own designs and sell them to your audience. Many homemakers and business owners are moving their interest toward murals painted on large areas, for internal or external applications. You can create custom designs of their voice and preference and earn a heavy fortune.

There are so many home decor ideas that you can fulfill using your one-of-its-kind Cricut machine. It can help you customize your doormats which is always a fun element to the entryway. You would be loving spaces that look intentional and by putting creativity into them, you can make your space elegantly beautiful. There is also a great scope for creating customized designs for the closet or cupboards. There is nothing more easy and more satisfying than knowing exactly where your items are placed.

There is a lot of demand for customized cushion covers and throw pillows. You can also create beautiful and aesthetically pleasing fabric wall hangings using your Cricut device. This is undoubtedly the favorite home decor element for almost every homemaker. While homeowners and professionals are looking for everything customized, you can also create a satisfying tablescape for holidays and dinner parties.

cricut vs cricut explore air 2 and profitable cricut business

7.     Create and Sell Beautiful Jewelry

When it comes to the homemade business, making jewelry is the perfect one to consider. There are so many jewelry design ideas that inspire people and give a profitable business opportunity. With so many jewelry items and ideas, you can make them with your Cricut machine, for instance so many people love to wear leather jewelry, earrings, and accessories. There are a lot of jewelry ideas you can make with your incredible Cricut machine. Leather materials are usually lightweight and it enhances the overall look.

Usually, faux leather is used to create beautiful jewelry because of its soft and tug design. You can use a standard blade of your Cricut machine for a less smooth finish cut. If your machine has a rotatory blade, a standard grip mat is usually preferred to be used. For ear tops and studs, there are several different earring templates that you can download and use as a design template. Once you download your favorite designs from the source, you can simply print them with your outstanding Cricut machine.

When it comes to technology, Cricut machines have no exceptions. It allows you to create astonishing 3D earrings designs and templates. In addition to your earring designs, you can also create feather earrings to add extra charm to your design. In recent times, jewelry made of polymer clay has so much demand and no surprise in it that you can create super cool and pleasing polymer clay earrings.

cricut vs cricut explore air 2 and profitable cricut business

Cricut Maker Vs Explore Air 2

If you want to get inspiring and elegant customized crafts, you may require a craft machine to elevate your home-based business. To make your personalized designs and patterns, the Cricut design and cutting machine is an essential requirements. Both the Cricut and the Cricut Explore Air 2 are compatible and high-quality die-cutting machines. But it is really difficult to choose between these two machines. When it comes to the comparison between these two devices, it depends on a variety of factors such as compatibility, versatility, and cost.

Cricut and Explore air 2 are excellent machines in terms of quality to make everything seem sturdy and well made. When it comes to the comparison between Cricut and explore air 2, both machines work on similar software, Cricut Design Space. You can create personalized designs and projects. Here is the comparison between Cricut and the Cricut Explore Air 2.

1.   Speed and cutting

When it comes to designing, you must have a machine with great cutting and editing speed. In comparison, the Cricut Explore Air 2 has a dual carriage to hold a blade and pen simultaneously. It gives the ability to cut and write at the same time. With an extraordinary cutting speed of four inches per second, Cricut Explore Air 2 is the fastest speed machine. Furthermore, it has the ability to cut up to 1.5 mm of thickness.

In comparison, the Cricut has more power that can cut through the denser material up to 2.4 mm. In terms of speed, the Cricut has the remarkable 10x cutting power at its fastest speed.

2.   Functionality

If you opt for the Cricut machine for your business, it offers great blade options; knife blade, rotary blade, and the scoring wheel. Its adaptive tool system can rapidly change the blades during the design and makes the process quicker and easier.

When it comes to the Cricut Explore Air 2, its 2x fast mode design is only compatible with iron-on, cardstock, and vinyl. Although this machine is able to cut several different materials, it still requires changing the blade which takes extra time and effort.

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3.   Price

When it comes to the price, the Cricut is more expensive as it has a variety of extra features. Because it does so much in terms of design, functionality, and features, it costs a lot. But if you are looking for a less financial commitment, Cricut Explore Air 2 is a less expensive option to consider.

4.   Which is the best pick?

Choosing between Cricut and Cricut Explore Air 2 can be a tough call. Both the machines have similar sizes and a wide range of productivity. In terms of materials, tools, and techniques, both machines have interchangeable features. Cricut is a cutting machine that can cut all kinds of material from cardstock to vinyl to iron-on and one of the machines can even cut thin wood and more delicate material. While Cricut Explore Air 2 offers more versatility and room to grow as a crafter.

5.   Which machine does more?

Cricut is the top-of-the-line Cricut machine that can make any project that you can dream of. The Cricut Explore Air 2 can make everything similar to the Cricut. In terms of material compatibility, Cricut has more capability than Cricut Explore Air 2. A Cricut, holding two clamps inside the machine has the ability to hold up to dozens of interchangeable tools to cut, write on, and engrave over multiple materials such as leather and wood. However, Cricut Explore Air can only have five tools to work with. It also does not allow you to deal with thick materials such as wood, leather, or brass. Therefore, Cricut would be a suitable choice in terms of versatility. 

Pros and Cons of Cricut Maker

Cricut Champagne Maker

Cricut Champagne Maker
Cricut Champagne Maker
9.8/10 Our Score
  • Built-in design software.
  • Multiple blade options.
  • Cut up to 2.4 mm thickness.
  • 10x faster-cutting speed.
  • Ability to cut hundreds of materials.
  • Allow wireless communications.
  • Great for custom design projects.
  • High paying cost.
  • Limited cutting space.

Pros and Cons of Cricut Explore Air 2

Explore Air 2

Explore Air 2
Explore Air 2
9.7/10 Our Score
  • 2x faster-cutting speed.
  • Have double tool handler.
  • Compatible to cut multiple different materials.
  • Suitable for a home-based business.
  • Easy to learn and suitable for beginners.
  • Cost-effective machine.
  • Can cut limited materials.
  • Slow design software.
  • Fixed cutting size.

Cricut Machine Buying Guide

Whether you are going to start your own crafting business or you are up to pursuing your hobby, freedom to design and create beautiful projects is the key. With the right crafting machine, you can create up-to-the-mark projects with endless opportunities. all Cricut machines are easy-to-learn and can be accessed by multiple devices. When it comes to considering a machine to purchase, there are some aspects you must think of.

1.     Cutting speed

When making a decision on a design machine, it is important to consider its cutting speed. Designing can be done manually, but the purpose of a design machine is to make your work in less time and more effectively at its maximum speed. Consider multiple models in terms of speed and choose accordingly. However, the speed of the machine does not alter your design but it can make your project even faster.

2.     Variety of materials

All of the Cricut design machines can work on a variety of materials. You can create your personalized designs on any kind of material you want. But still, you need to be mindful of your needs and requirements while making any choice. Check the specifications and ensure whether they can cope with your requirements or not.

3.     Blades compatibility

Every Cricut design machine has a great selection of blades and premium pens that are compatible with every kind of device. From knife blades to rotary blades, and scoring wheels, make sure of your needs and find out the specified model that is compatible with your requirements. When it comes to the pen, must ensure compatibility with your machine model. Because most of the pens are manufactured specifically and every pen might not fit with every machine.

4.     Connectivity

With the advancement of technology, the Cricut machines are worthy enough to purchase. Consider the machine with wireless connectivity to discover millions of attractive and popular designs. With the immense increase in features, wireless and Bluetooth connectivity is a great feature to consider while purchasing. The connectivity feature allows you to connect various devices and to make your work offline.

What you can do with the Cricut Maker?

When it comes to making money with a home-based venture, crafting with Cricut Maker stands out differently. In so many ways, considering a business of crafting with Cricut Maker is pure enjoyment. The internet being a huge medium for sharing ideas and thoughts, it is also a great way to explore and reach a huge audience. When it comes to getting good fortune, all that matters is your creativity and versatility.

With so many new designs and trends, nobody can stick to the same idea. Therefore, it is necessary for craftsmen to not only adopt versatility but also create it on their own. It becomes obvious to make money if you know how your machine works and how you can get the most out of it. Whether you are looking to customize gifts for your family, or friends or want to make beautiful craft projects, all you have to do is use your creativity. 

Apart from creating crafts and designing apparel, it is also an obvious way to get more money through teaching. In order to become an instructor, find a nice platform. If you know how the circuit works and you can create astonishing designs and want to start your own business, you can adopt any of the trending and most profitable business ideas for a large earning potential.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cricut: The Cricut Basics

Cricut is an amazing machine that works wonders in the field of crafting. Suppose you are looking to get a brand new Cricut machine to start your crafting business. Here are some most commonly asked questions and their answers that you may have in your mind.

Q: What can you do with your Cricut machine?

Cricut is a crafting machine that gives you various opportunities to start with. You can either establish making decor items, wedding crafts, beautiful jewelry, and crafting accessories.

Q: Is it easy to operate the Cricut machine?

Cricut is an easy-to-learn crafting machine that is good for multiple beginner-friendly projects. If you are starting, Cricut Explore Air 2 is the best suitable crafting machine.

Q: What material can you cut with Cricut?

Cricut is wonderful crafting and cutting machine that can cut up to hundreds of materials. It is a great machine with high cutting speed from wood to leather and vinyl.

Q: Is the Cricut machine suitable for DIY projects?

When it comes to crafting, Doing-it-Yourself projects are one-of-their-kind. Yes, Cricut is the best and most high-quality machine that gives endless possibilities for different DIY-based projects.

Q: Does Cricut support uploading images?

Cricut is an extraordinary crafting machine with an awesome connectivity feature. You can connect your device with your Cricut machine to transfer the images and designs you want to create. It can upload your pictures using the built-in software – Design Space.

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