How To Clean A Cricut Mat? 5 Ways and Maintenance Tips 2023

how to clean a cricut mat

Cricut machines are crafter’s best friends. They can help you accomplish any crafting project you set your mind to. Any crafting material cut with the machine leaves debris on your cutting mat. The mat can wear out and lose its stickiness over an extended period of use. Get ready to know how to clean a cricut mat?

What is A Cricut Mat?

It is a sticky cutting mat that comes with a sticker-making machine. It ensures that the material you are cutting will stay in place while the machine cuts it. If it loses its stickiness, it will fail to keep the substance steady and ruin your crafting projects. It is a consumable material that does not last forever.

At some point, you will have to buy a new cutting mat. But, if you use your Cricut cutting machine religiously, cleaning your cutting mat and restoring its stickiness would save you money. You can extend their life span and keep them functional for a long by following simple cleaning and maintenance hacks.

how to clean a cricut mat

Continue reading this article to learn some helpful tips and tricks to clean your Cricut mat and preserve its stickiness.

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What Materials Do You Need to Clean Your Cricut Mats?

The best thing about Cricut cutting mats is that you do not need costly, specialized tools or materials to clean them. We are sure all or at least most of these supplies would already be lying around in your homes somewhere.

  • Wet wipes
  • Lint roller
  • Dishwashing liquid soap
  • A cleaning brush, sponge, or cloth
  • Cricut scraper tool or an old credit card
  • An all-purpose cleaning or degreasing spray
  • A transfer tape

How Often Should You Clean Your Mat?

How often you need to clean the mat depends on how often you use your cutting device. Someone who uses the machine every day has to clean it more frequently than someone who uses it less. If you feel that the mat isn’t holding the material like it used to, you need to clean it. It also depends on the crafting material you use.

The cutting mats should typically last between 20 to 40 rounds before losing their stickiness. If you work with materials that leave a lot of residue, such as felt, glitter vinyl, or denim, you need to clean the mat after a couple of uses. Materials like paper, vinyl, or cardstock do not leave a lot of debris. If you work with them, the mat will need fewer cleaning sessions.

How to Clean Different Types of Cricut Cutting Mats?

Cricut cutting mats come in four different types. They are exclusive for disparate crafting materials. The cleaning solutions for these mats are distinct as they have different levels of adhesion. Thankfully the mats are color-coded. You can determine the mat type and apply an appropriate cleaning solution. The cleaning methods listed below are well suited to blue, green, and purple cutting mats. Pink FabricGrip mat requires different cleaning methods and materials that we will share below.

Cricut Mat Cleaning Methods

Clean Your Mat With Wet Wipes

Wet wipes that are alcohol and bleach-free can be a practical tool for cleaning the Cricut mats. They are damp to clean your mat appropriately and soft enough to clean without damaging the adhesive. Wipe the mat’s surface slowly and gently in circular or straight, even motions. Let it air dry, do not use heat or wipe it with a cloth or towel. Hang it on a drying rack or place it on a flat surface. Your mat will not only be cleaner but, it will also gain its stickiness back.

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How To Clean A Cricut Mat


Use The Cricut Scraper Tool

Use the Cricut scraper tool or a plastic scraper to scrape off the remaining material or stubborn debris. Gently pull the edge of the scraper over the surface of the cutting mat to snip off any strays. It would remove the excess material, hair, or fuzz.

how to clean a cricut mat

Use A Sticky Lint Roller

Wipes or scrapers can’t get everything out. Use sticky lint rollers to clean chunks of stubborn material. The roller will pick up whatever is left, including things like glitter, paper, or fabric. It can also pass on some of its adhesiveness to the mat. This method is specifically helpful for the pink FabricGrip mat. It is a convenient alternative to plucking bits of paper or fuzz with a tweezer.

how to clean a cricut mat

Clean The Mat With Soap And Warm Water

If you clean your mats regularly, wet wipes and sticky lint rollers would be sufficient for your cleaning needs. But, you need to wash them with lukewarm water and a mild soap every now and then to keep them clean and maintain their stickiness. Soak the mat in soapy water for five to ten minutes. Use a soft brush or sponge and gently scrub the surface. Rinse it with warm water once you detach all the leftover scraps from the surface. Let the mat air dry and recover its stickiness before using it again.

how to clean a cricut mat


Use An Adhesive Remover To Clean The Mat

A degreasing cleaner or adhesive remover is a strong solvent. Mostly, a mat becomes clean after using soap and water. We suggest you use this method only when it’s very greasy and dirty. Spray a small amount of solvent onto the mat. Let it sit for a few minutes so that the stained layer on the surface comes off easily. Use a scraper, cloth, sponge or wipe to clean the surface. Apply mild pressure to dislodge the debris. Too much pressure could damage the adhesion. Wash the mat with warm water. Let it dry completely by hanging it vertically or placing it on a clean, flat surface.

how to clean a cricut mat


How to Clean the Pick Fabricgrip Cricut Mat?

You have to be very careful when cleaning the pink Cricut mat, as the adhesive on its surface is pretty delicate. You cannot rub or scratch it or use harsh chemicals like cleaning sprays. Clean the FabricGrip mat with a lint roller or pick the leftover material with a tweezer. You can also use transfer tape. It cleans the FabricGrip mat perfectly while preserving its tackiness.

Cut the transfer tape to your mat’s size. Place it on top of the mat’s surface, then press it into the mat. Stick the tape well and smooth it out with a scraper. Wait a few minutes, and then pull the tape gently. It extracts the cloth fibers leaving the mat clean and perfectly tacky.

Cricut Cutting Mat Maintenance Tips

The most effective way to prolong the life and adhesiveness of your cutting mats is to take good care of them after every use. Here are some simple yet helpful tips that help maintain a Cricut mat.

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Cover Your Mat After Using

Cricut mats come with a protective plastic sheet. Make sure to keep it safe when you remove it for using the mat. Cover it with the sheet as soon as you finish using it. The protective cover prevents dust, fiber, and other tiny particles from sticking to the surface. You can also clean the protective plastic cover with a paper towel.

Be Gentle With Your Cricut Mat

Handle your cutting mats with utmost care. Avoid touching it unnecessarily with your hands as it could weaken the adhesive. Make sure your hands are clean, dry, and oil-free while using the cutting mat. Avoid rolling or folding them and store them on a flat surface. Protect them from falling on the floor and catching stray hair or dust.

Clean Your Mat Regularly

Clean your mats regularly, especially if you are using materials that leave a lot of scraps. Make it a habit to clean the surface with wet wipes or a sticky lint roller after every two to four crafting projects. Use a plastic scraper to remove the particles. You can use an old credit card or even a gift card. Be careful and gentle while scrapping to protect the adhesive from damage. Use tweezers for large debris.

Dry Your Mat After Cleaning It

Remember to dry your mat after washing it. Hang it up, so it dries off completely. Avoid using heat as it could deform the mat. If you want to speed up the drying time, you can put a fan next to it and increase the airflow.

Use Appropriate Mat For Every Cutting Material

Using the right mat for every material is critical. The LightGrip mat is used with delicate material like paper or vinyl. StandadGrip mat is specific for lighter materials like cardstock, patterned paper, etc. The StrongGrip mat is ideal for thicker materials like craft foam or balsa wood. Use the pink FabricGrip mat for crepe paper and fabric.

Know When To Replace The Mat

You can extend the life of your Cricut mats. But, they won’t last forever. Replace it when you feel it isn’t recovering its stickiness even after applying all the cleaning and re-sticking techniques.

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Bottom Line

Keeping your Cricut mats clean is crucial. It prolongs their life and guarantees you get precise cuts for your crafting projects. You can use these effective cleaning methods and clean your Cricut mats with cheap and easily accessible supplies and tools. Remember to clean and wipe them gently without removing or harming their adhesive layer. We recommend cleaning your Cricut mat regularly and using the maintenance tips explained in this guide to make the most out of them before it’s time to purchase a new Cricut mat. 

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